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Journey Of Little Princess

"After lot of struggles I heard a sweet news and good news in the month of June ie., my wife, my love said that she is concived. I felt happy that cannot explain with words. From there our journey has routed towards Dr. Rajalakshmi V Rao., from there regular checkups, scanning etc., etc., etc….., During the 6th month of pregnancy tension started on searing the hospital for delivery. As my God Dr. Rajalakshmi V Rao. She suggested few hospital in that motherhood was also been listed in her options. In the month of november 2019, we were been here for checking the quality of services and cost for delivery from these motherhood life started. We meet Miss Nagamani had enquire all the quires, she was so patience and responded all the queries. She was so patient and responded all the quires. To be frank our insurance was not listed in there MH but she had other option which made us feel comfortable to be here. She offered some benefits like-
  • Pre- maternity photo shoot was awesome makeup which was really beautiful thanks for beautician.
  • Baby shower Here motherhood have invited around 35 couples had awesome music therapy, with songs and one on one introduction of couples to cowed
  • Then these was a belly measuring game played for almost 30 mins.
  • Followed by cake cutting from all the carrying women s who were presented on that day. That was looking awesome.
  • Followed by yummy yummy lunch. My favourite dish was there ie., “Beli holige” “Rice Chapati” with Hitikibele saru.
  • During scan: Doctor who did the scan was really awesome and so sweet she was so carefully she did and she shown the baby moments like kicking, legs, fingers and thumb, sucking, felt very happy as that day.
Fortunately and unfortunately : On 22nd morning by 1:15 Am found the pains of pregnancy. Been informed to hospital over the phone they asked to get patient immediately as they said bought my wife and admitted her. Doctor she said today we should deliver the baby and also delivered the baby. That day my little princess was born, later they have alloted the room from there. Motherhood inside journey started.   Services from - Doctors - Fantasitic they are god to me - So caring like mother & sisters. -House keeping - So caring and very affectiante. - Cafeteria - They served when ever we required - NO LIMIT "

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