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Pallavi Teotia& Gaurav Nain Motherhood Hospitals

Hello, We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Dr Shilpi Srivastava. My husband and I attended the LAMAZE session provided by Dr Shilpi. She is a thorough professional and a completely genuine person, with great knowledge. One of the best things I like about Dr Shilpi is, she keep herself updated with the recent studies in the medical field related to childbirth and child development. Every question or query we as a couple posted, she had an answer for all of those. The ease with which she made us aware of LAMAZE and various stages of childbirth and development, depicts her vast experience and professionalism in this field. She follows a very practical approach by depicting all the exercises manually herself and making us do that within the session so that we understand the importance of it and do it in a correct manner. All the sessions I attended were really interactive, and never I felt like its being stretched. As a first-time mother, I would suggest everyone to go through the LAMAZE session provided by Dr Shilpi. It helps a great deal in making us ready for labour and childbirth development. I would love to see Dr Shilpi by my side during my labour hours, as she is a great support and having her by my side makes me feel confident that I will be able to pass through any phase. Thank You so much, Dr Shilpi, for such informative and interactive sessions and being a great support. Regards, Pallavi Teotia& Gaurav Nain

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