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RAJESH THATI & RADHIKA P Motherhood Hospitals

Sahakarnagar, Bangalore Dear DR. Pradeep Kumar, We are writing to express our deep gratitude for your superior care our son (Bhuvan Thati B/O of Paidipati Radhika) has received at your hospital (08/05/2015 – 09/06/2015). Your treatment coupled with the caring attitude of the hospital staff has helped our son to recover well. You have always been kind and offered us the moral support, when we were down with tensions of our son’s health. It is not just the treatment, but the care and empathy shown by you, which made us happy and comfortable. It is really amazing that you have worked several nights (without sleep) when our son had blood infection (sepsis). We especially appreciate the straightforward way in which you communicated and handled the situations with care and grace. Our family are grateful to you and the hospital staff for all that you have done for us. Our son’s improved health is a credit to your expertise and attentiveness. We will certainly recommend you to everyone we know. Looking forward to finish the rest of the colostomy treatment. We are sure that this will also be handled with great care and ease.

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