On April 12, 2016 |

Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

12-Apr-2016, will always be recorded in our lives when we got a new identity as “mother” and “father” in this world. For us, probably this is the best title or identity we can have and we have been craving for this for many years. On this day, we became parents of a little angel – our daughter. On this day against odds and ambiguity, Dr Sangeetha Gomes made our lives easier in helping us make the most sensible decision. We opted C-Section probably the best we could do in that situation as Dr. Sangeetha suggested and she gave us even better reason to live our lives – our little one, a new life was breathing in rhythm with us in our arms. Dr. Gomes, always considered our pregnancy a miracle. My daughter was in NICU for about 20 hours for respiratory issues and that is when I had the opportunity of seeing what happens to babies who are little or very critical. What touched me most were the nurses and doctors who were looking after these little ones round the clock. Words cannot describe what they do – but, if you want to see God or if you want to see the greatest people on the planet – you should once see live – they are really making a difference and I think God has specially made them since he cannot take care of everyone. For me, they are representatives of Gods or Gods themselves. During this time, I was introduced to Dr. Prashanth. Even before he started I knew we in the good hands. His smile and personality takes over your emotions. Once he started talking and reasoning out things, things were becoming even easier. He spent very good time with us explaining what is happening with baby and what is happening to us as parents. His talks to counsel us were logical, process oriented and more importantly – SIMPLE!! Now we consult him regularly for scheduled check-ups and the overall experience has been great. While the doctors are superb at Motherhood, Sarjapur Road – it does not stop there. The nursing staff does a great job too making sure both mother and kid get the best of the attention and make your stay as comfortable as possible until you take that first step out of the hospital into the bigger world with the little wonder in your arms. No matter what they make sure they LISTEN, SMILE, HELP, RUN and Do Everything they can to make your family as relaxed as possible. THANK YOU ALL AT MOTHERHOOD!!



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