On February 14, 2018 |

Indiranagar, Bangalore

When I was first pregnant in 2011, I was all worried and tensed because I was dealing with a new Gynaecologist and I had no clue of how my delivery would be and what kind of care would be provided. But, by God’s Grace, my doctor, Dr. Aviva Pinto, hand held me for 9 months and she was the one who suggested Motherhood stating that it is the closest and newly established with all complex specialty care. Then I delivered my first child in 2011 and felt blessed with the kind of support I got from the reception or admin staff to the nurses. I was rather more comfortable staying in the hospital than my own house. Every mother would have a fear when the nurses take their infants for check-up or injection, etc. But here, I blindly trusted the support staff because they kept me informed about every detail like the room number to which they were taking my child. With all the experience I had decided that my second child delivery will also be at Motherhood. I delivered my second child in 2015 with the same support and care. I, my husband and my family are all very happy and satisfied with the services rendered here. Overall very satisfied with the cleanliness of the hospital, efficiency of nursing care, friendliness and courtesy of staff, convenience of location and satisfied with the competency of the staff.



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