Rama & Namrata about Motherhood Banashankari NICU Facility.

On January 18, 2021 |


We are thankful to the motherhood hospital for the best service provide motherhood hospital is well maintained, the staff is very co-operative. We were admitted to the hospital for early delivery, as baby growth is lagging.

Baby weight is less (2.3 kg) and baby got infected with bacteria and this has been detected very early, thanks to regular sugar level checks done to the baby.

The doctor took the decision (based on the baby’s condition) and admitted her to NICH. I STARTED ic & sent for a quick test. Because of early detection, the infection was less, and taken 2 days for the baby to recover from infection & shifted toward.

Thankful to doctor & staff in NICU very co-operative provide every information & console me and my wife where we are in sadness, provided is the confidence of baby improvement. Treatment is good, doctor, nurses are the helpful baby in cleaning & washing.

Inward, nurses maintain regular baby feeding time & help the baby in cleaning & washing

The doctor detected jaundice quickly & put the W V lights and jaundice got reduced in a day.

Nurses are helpful & maintained feeding monitoring of the baby regularly even at night time. Very prompt & dedicated workers.

Thanks again & I recommended others also to this hospital claim settlement happened very quickly, no Hasal


Rama S Loukadi

Namrata I patil


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