Krishna Deepthi
Hello Dr. Prashanth, 12-Apr-2016, will always be recorded in our lives when we got a new identity as “mother” and “father” in this world. For us, probably this is the best title or identity we can have and we have been craving for this for many years. On this day, we became parents of a little angel – our daughter. On this day against odds and ambiguity, Dr Sangeetha Gomes made our lives easier in helping us make the most sensible decision. We opted C-Section probably the best we…
Krishna DeepthiSarjapur Road, Bangalore (17/05/2016)
CS Raghavendra
The group of people working overall are very kind and caring and extremely friendly.
CS RaghavendraSarjapur Road, Bangalore Mar 22, 2016
We are really thankful to the Motherhood team for providing such a friendly treatment, this is our 2nd baby’s delivery with Dr. Sireesha Reddy and we are really happy to recommend to my family and friends. Labor ward we had a very good treatment and the support of nurse “Sujatha” was so friendly and she helps a lot for easy delivery and support they given is highly appreciated. Thankful to the MH team for the lovely for the lovely treatment and it is our best choice for our baby’s delivery…
AshaLogistic BusinessSahakar Nagar, Bangalore (25-Aug-2016)
Deepti Patala
Joined on May 15th 2016 as an emergency case, hospital have admitted immediately without any concern which was very impressive. They have conducted tests and C-section have been done so carefully by Dr. Hemabindu. Hospital services were awesome nurses, staffs and doctors. Would even suggest my friends and family to this. Thank you so much :) for getting me a healthy baby
Deepti PatalaHyderabad (18/05/2016)
Really happy with the services and staffs are cooperative/approachable. Doctor rounds are nice
SubhashreeIndiranagar, Bangalore (2-Sep-2016)
Nagaraja YH
Dr. Sireesha Reddy was very talented with patients. She was very co-operative with treatment and Medical care, everything was very excellent. I like the doctors very well, our family everytime visiting in Motherhood Hospital. Very Good.
Nagaraja YHSahakar Nagar, Bangalore (Mar 22, 2016)
Soumy Binu
We are very much happy with the treatment which we received from Motherhood Hospital. Thanks to all doctors, nurses and other supporting staffs. Special thanks to sister Bharathi who given good training about post delivery which we need to take care after the discharge. Once again thanks to all.
Soumy BinuIndiranagar, Bangalore (7-Sep-2016)
K R Kiran
I like the way patients are treated here. Overall, hospitality is great. I would definitely suggest people to choose Motherhood Hospital.
K R KiranSahakar Nagar, Bangalore (Mar 22, 2016)
On Dr. Sushelamma recommendation, I decided to admit my wife in Motherhood Indiranagar for delivery. Right from admission hospital took great care labor ward; Nurse Prathima took great care and updated me regularly while my wife was in labor ward. After shifting to room the service continued to be awesome. Each and every nurse and doctor has highest professionalism. They were always available for help and smile on the face even at 1 am in the night. Thank you Motherhood.
KavidaIndiranagar (19/05/2016)
Eric Mathew
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the hospital staff members in the operation theater and second floor for the devoted service. Special thanks to Dr. Lathika, Dr. Elizabeth, Dr. Gowri and Dr. Nishanth would like to mention few sisters name also, Ashwini, Priya, Shalin, Shweta, Lijitha, Cini, Liji and Sarata. All were very supportive and promptly came whenever needed my wife and baby was regularly mentioned at all aspects. Also would like to thank all the cleaning staff who ha…
Eric MathewIndiranagar, Banagalore (11-Jun-2016)



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