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15 Tips for a healthy pregnancy

15 Tips for a healthy pregnancy

1) When in doubt, ASK. See a gynaecologist. It is essential to consult a doctor when you have missed your periods. She will guide you well through your most crucial phase : the first trimester.

2) Change your food habits to include a healthy variety of foods.

3) Food Hygiene : One should be aware about the environment & food intake as it has a direct implication on your fetal health. Undercooked meat or unpasteurized milk can be toxic & fatal to your baby's health.

4) Stop smoking. The risk of child birth defects triple with smoking.

5) Take early pregnancy classes like lamaze & yoga. Stretching exercises help your muscles relax & keep cramps at bay. These foster physical as well as mental relaxation.

6) Follow a regular exercise regimen  it will help you stay in shape throughout your pregnancy, ease birthing process & help lose your post-pregnancy weight faster.

7) Incorporate some pregnancy super foods that you may have never tried before like quinoa, broccoli, avocado, blueberries, flax seeds to name a few. 

8) Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Keep yourself well hydrated to avoid fatigue & dizziness.

9) Practice pelvic tilts to overcome lower back pain & help baby assume a good birth position which will be pivotal during birthing.

10) Alcohol Addiction is detrimental to your baby's health. It can cause birth defects, disorders or even lead to miscarriage. The first trimester is crucial in deciding your baby's health condition.

11) Attend breast-feeding classes to prepare yourself to nurture your child during it's formative years. A well breast-fed child has higher immunity, lower risk of obesity & higher resistance towards allergies.

12) We know you love shoppin. Indulge in a shopping spree & enjoy the beautiful & unforgettable journey of Motherhood.

13) We know you love your morning coffee. But too much caffeine is said to increase the risk of miscarriage & have other implications like low birth weight. So next time judiciously choose your morning beverage.

14) It is a common belief that a pregnant woman should consume double the amount of food since she is also feeding her child. UNTRUE. A woman with normal weight need not consume not more than 300-400 additional calories to her daily diet  that's just about a bowl of curd.

15) Relax! It maybe your first or third pregnancy. We understand your anxiety & fear of the unexpected. Do not stress out. Pamper yourself at a spa. 

Healthy Pregnancy, Happy Motherhood.

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