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Breastfeeding And Its Countless Benefits

Breastfeeding And Its Countless Benefits

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. Trust that you cherish every moment with your little bundle of joy. Every mother goes through a phase of self-doubt and wants to offer the best care possible. One of the primary aspects of caregiving is breastfeeding.

Despite the divided opinion, do you know that breast milk is undeniably the perfect nourishment that you can give to your child? The medical community globally recommends breastfeeding for the first six months that can be continued with a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, food grains, etc.

It is a personal decision. However, we would like to help you with information related to the benefits of breastfeeding. Ultimately, it is your choice!

Some quick facts on breast milk:

1. Do you know that breast milk-fed babies have a faster recovery rate from sickness or infections when compared to formula-fed babies? 

2. Are you aware that breastfeeding reduces the crying spells in young ones and also helps them through the vaccination phase? 

3. Do you know that breastfeeding helps in comforting and soothing the baby when in pain or discomfort? 

4. Are you aware that a new-born baby would require 8-12 feeding sessions in a day? 

5. Do you know that colostrum, the yellowish, thick milk  produced in the first few days is very beneficial for your baby It is potent with antibodies. 

6. Are you aware the breast milk is easily digestible for your  baby?  

With the perfect combination of vitamins, protein, and fat, breast milk is essential for your baby's good health and growth.

Here are some benefits: 

You will be glad to know that breastfeeding can prevent diseases such as allergies, respiratory tract infections, diabetes, etc. It's in your hands to minimize the risks.

For better immunity and a higher IQ, breastfeeding is an easy  solution. This will help your baby will grow into a healthy and  smart child. 

Due to the beneficial gut bacteria consumed through breastfeeding, your child can maintain a healthy weight and  have a reduced risk of childhood obesity. 

In addition to the innumerable benefits ensured to your child, breastfeeding will help you in these ways: 

Do you wish to drop off the extra pounds gained during  pregnancy? Breastfeeding will help you get back to your pre pregnancy weight by burning of fat and calories. 

Minimize the risks of breast and ovarian cancer in the future. By caring for your child, you are also caring for yourself. 

Research says that mothers who breastfeed their babies are at a lower risk of depression. Breastfeeding helps in your mental and emotional well-being.  

Being diagnosed with infertility itself may distress you. You should give yourself at least 3-6 months and start preparing your body for IVF. You may have lesser time than 3-6 months. It's best to start preparing yourself physically and emotionally for an experience lasting for months.

In a nutshell, breastfeeding is extremely beneficial to your baby and you. It is a healthy, effortless, and cost-effective way of child  care. It is a precious and most personal gift that you can give to  your child. A joyful and hassle-free motherhood experience is on  your way. Have you made the choice yet? For more information on the countless advantages of  breastfeeding, talk to our experts.

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