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Can micturition post coitus affect chances of conception in a female

Can micturition post coitus affect chances of conception in a female

For a lot of women post coital pee is regular. Peeing after sex as your doctor, best friend and mom have probably told you countless number of times, is the best way to avoid UTI. But what about when you are trying to get pregnant?

The commonly asked question in the outpatient clinic is will peeing after sex force the sperm outside my vagina. Good News is NO! Peeing after sex has no impact on your chances of conceiving. But don't hop up and run to the bathroom right after a sexual intercourse. Lying down at least for 2 to 5 minutes after intercourse increases the odds that the sperm might reach its date with the egg. If you are prone to UTI S go ahead and pee after 5 minutes. If not, you can enjoy a good cuddle.

Here it is important to understand how the sperm works towards a pregnancy. Every time there is ejaculation millions of sperms are released and it takes only one to cause a pregnancy. Immediately after an ejaculation, with a favourable cervical mucus, sperm are off like a racing team speeding up the vagina through to the cervix to get you pregnant and set you on a journey towards a healthy pregnancy.

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