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Ergonomic Issues And Precautions

Ergonomic Issues And Precautions


Author: Dr. Priyanka Rohit Gupta  MBBS, MD (OBGY)Fellow Infertility
Consultant:  Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Motherhood Hospital Lullanagar Pune

Ergonomics focuses on the work environment - considering the design and function of tools, lighting, controls, displays, and workstations to fit the physical requirements of the employee. Unfortunately, although numerous studies have proven how helpful ergonomics can be,many  workers and employers still don't understand how a lack of ergonomics negatively impacts health.

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are illnesses or injuries to the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, arms, legs, neck, or lower back. MSDs are caused or made worse by muscular force for a long time, repetitious movement, constant vibration, and contact stress. Ergonomics tries to find solutions to solve MSDs, and these solutions usually involve changing tools, equipment, materials, work methods, or the work environment. The number of women is growing fast in the workforce, but unfortunately, women have a higher chance of getting MSDs than men. This higher rate is due to job and physical differences between men and women.

According to a report, a woman's hand is approximately 2 cm shorter than a man which can lead to uncomfortable usage and inappropriate placement of hand tools. Looking a little lower down the body, the joint angle of the knee is wider in women due to broader hips. This can cause more strain on knees in women than men in instances involving standing for long periods. 

Many ergonomics-related injuries can happen gradually - over a long period of time, and often in a manner that means you don't notice them until the discomfort has grown to a significant level. Various disorders arise from the impact of numerous small stresses and injuries to the body - referred to as CTDs, or Cumulative Trauma Disorders. These particular issues are most common within the electronic work environment of today - wherein most people spend several hours a day hunched over a keyboard or working at a computer. Poor posture and ergonomics are the leading cause of CTDs, but it's also worth noting that there are several factors that can also speed up their development, including personal risk factors, inadequate recovery time, excessive force, repetitive motion, and contact stressors.

Those suffering from CTDs can experience various symptoms within the affected area of their body, including pain, aching, numbness, swelling and tingling.

In general, the workstation should be adjustable to reduce awkward postures and accommodate the woman's body. Women in jobs where they sit a lot may develop low back pain, which may be relieved with a proper chair with a supporting lumbar backrest and a footrest. The workstation should be adjustable so that women may work either sitting or standing to allow frequent changes in posture. 

Prolonged sitting or standing are leading risk factors for problems in the back. Walking causes the leg veins to pump blood upward from the feet and helps prevent minor swelling of the ankles. Pressure from the firm edge of seat pans that can obstruct leg veins when sitting should be avoided because it may cause blood clots.

How Can You Protect Yourself ?
It's easy to see that poor ergonomics can have a huge impact on your lifestyle and well-being. Fortunately, setting up your workstation doesn't have to be a difficult task. The idea is to set up an adjustable station, allowing workers to change their posture according to their needs. Ergonomic offices should include adjustable display screens, flexible copyholders, proper lighting, adjustable and detachable keyboards, and the right ergonomic furniture .

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