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FAQs on Newborn Care

FAQs on Newborn Care

Author - Dr. Pawan Deep Singh

M.B.B.S, DCH, DNB Pediatrics, Consultant - Paediatrics & Neonatology

The birth of a baby is an exhilarating and remarkable experience for new parents, especially the first-timers. According to  Dr. Pawan Deep Singh, M.B.B.S, DCH, DNB Pediatrics, the first few days following birth are crucial since the newborns are fragile and vulnerable. Over 2 million newborns die within the first 7 days of birth each year due to improper care. Hence, consulting a newborn specialist in Mohali is crucial to safeguard the health of your child in the first 28 days. 

FAQs on Newborn Care 

The best paediatrician in Mohali addresses the common frequently asked questions regarding newborn care and their solutions: 

1.Bathing and Hygiene 

It is recommended to give your baby only sponge baths until the umbilical cord stump falls off and the navel area heals completely. Before bathing your baby, make sure the room temperature is warm and the water is lukewarm. Gently pat them dry with a soft towel to prevent rashes. 


When selecting a suitable diaper, pay attention to the size, absorbency and material of the diaper. Choose wipes that are gentle, soft, and fragrance-free. Keep the diaper area clean and change your baby’s diapers frequently. 

3.Cord Stump Care 

Clean the area with lukewarm water and mild soap. Pat, it dry with a clean and soft cloth and allow air to circulate the stump. If you notice fever, swelling, and discharge from the stump area, consult a pediatrician at the earliest. 


Make sure that you breastfeed the baby every 2-3 hours. The adequacy of your baby’s feeding can be judged by urine output, that is, 3-4 wet diapers every 24 hours. Generally, a baby passes stool within 24 hours and urine within 48 hours of life. The baby should be monitored for crying and feeding before discharge from the hospital. 

5.Sleep Timings 

Newborns have irregular sleep patterns and may sleep for more than 16-18 hours a day and wake up only a few hours to feed. Make sure that you create a comfortable area that is conducive to their sleep. You can use a separate crib or bassinet for them to avoid disturbance.  

6.Soothing Techniques  

It is normal for newborns to cry and get irritated. In such cases, wrap your baby snugly in a blanket, rhythmically rock them, or sway until they are calm. You can also use background noise that replicates the sound of the womb or try a pacifier or gentle massage to soothe your baby. 

 Other Tips for Newborn Care 

The best paediatrician in Mohali gives the following additional tips for newborn care: 

  1. The baby should only be given breast milk for the first 6 months of life. 
  2. Babies require proper clothing that covers them properly, especially the head, hands, and feet. Do not overclothe them as well as it can make them suffocate. 
  3. Breastfed babies pass watery stools after the first 3-4 days of life, especially after every entirely normal feed. 
  4. A well-fed baby will be passing urine at least 8-10 times a day and will sleep for 3-4 hours in between feeding sessions. 
  5. Babies do not require a daily bath. Do not bathe them for the first few days after birth. You can start sponge bathing once the umbilical cord falls off. 
  6. Make sure that you discuss this with your doctor and stick to the vaccination plan for your baby. 

Taking care of a newborn takes patience and proper knowledge. Make sure that you consult Dr Sunny Narula at the Motherhood Hospitals and take good care of your baby. 

At Motherhood Hospitals, we have a team of experienced super specialists backed by the latest in infrastructure and facilities. We have the best Paediatricians in Mohali that consists of a team of paediatric specialists that cater to all the needs of children, across age groups, and provide the best care for your child’s development.

Do take an appointment with the best child care hospital in Mohali at a centre closest to you. Meet with our doctors who will carry out the required investigations, diagnose the issue and recommend the most appropriate treatment, enabling you to lead an active life.

If you wish to get in touch with Dr. Pawan Deep Singh, please book your appointment here.

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