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Fertility and Cancer: What are Your Options?

Fertility and Cancer
Fertility and Cancer: What are Your Options?

Author -Dr Shruti Mane

MBBS, M.S, PG Diploma in ART and Reproductive Medicine, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (MUHS),

Consultant Infertility Specialist

Fertility and Cancer: What are Your Options? 


Cancer can be frightening regardless of your age. It is more difficult when you are in your reproductive years. According to Dr Shruti Mane, MBBS, M.S, PG Diploma in ART and Reproductive Medicine, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (MUHS), Consultant Infertility Specialist, a lot of couples are worried about their chances of conceiving when fighting cancer. Modern medicine, however, provides solutions and allows cancer survivors to embrace parenthood. On this note, the best IVF doctor in Navi Mumbai recommends cryopreservation.  

What is Cryopreservation? 

Cryopreservation embryo freezing or embryo preservation is a process of storing and freezing embryos for future use. The best IVF specialist in Navi Mumbai recommends this technique to safeguard your chances of pregnancy. 

What is the Procedure for Cryopreservation? 

The primary goal of cryopreservation or embryo preservation is to save embryos for later use. The produced embryos are controlled and maintained in such environmental conditions to ensure that the embryo does not die. The top IVF doctor in Navi Mumbai explains the following steps: 

1.Embryo Selection: 

 Initially, the IVF doctor may give certain medications or injections to stimulate your body to produce more eggs. Similarly, your partner is also given medications to produce more sperm cells. Both sperm and eggs are mixed in the laboratory to generate plenty of embryos. The embryos go through extensive testing to select the healthiest one. These healthy embryos are stored for later use. 

2. Removing Water Content: 

The selected healthy embryo cannot be frozen directly since the water content from cells has to be replaced. According to the best IVF doctor in Navi Mumbai, the water from the cells is removed as it also freezes or crystallizes. These crystals can expand over time and burst the cell open to die. 

3. Embryo Freezing: 

 As the water is removed, the embryo is cooled and frozen. The embryos are put inside a tube to save them from any damage. The temperature inside the tubes is gradually lowered to prevent ageing and damage. Once an optimal temperature is reached, the tube is transferred from the freezer and stored in a liquid nitrogen container to maintain a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius.  

How are Embryos Used Again? 

The process to de-freeze an embryo is called thawing. When embryos are required, it is retrieved from the liquid nitrogen container and kept in a water bath to gradually increase the temperature. Once a required temperature is reached, the embryo is ready to be transferred into your uterus. 

Fighting cancer has its challenges as it hampers every aspect of your being. Mostly, it affects your chances of parenthood. The modern assisted reproductive techniques, however, including IVF and cryoprotection have made it easier for you to get pregnant after your cancer therapy. It is, however, also important for you to visit the top IVF doctor in Navi Mumbai when you are diagnosed with cancer to discuss your future options. You can visit Dr Shruti Mane at the Motherhood IVF for expert guidance. 

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