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How Not To Stress Your Fetus

Reducing Stress During Pregnancy
How Not To Stress Your Fetus

The Harmful Effects of Excess Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is accompanied by a lot of emotions, stress and anxiety as it is a way of enduring the continuity of species. Stress and pressure are common during pregnancy, but excess of everything is not beneficial. The persistent stress and pressure during pregnancy can be harmful to the baby as well as to the mother. The buildup of stress can stimulate the levels of hormones including stress hormones that fuel up the muscles and make up your heart beat faster.

Tips for Reducing Stress During Pregnancy

• Try to stay fit and healthy by eating healthy foods. It’s important to manage your sleep where you prioritize the rest that is required for your body.
• You need to know that this situation is temporary by being mindful of the present. Mindfulness can help you to live in the present moment and avoid the problems that may be building up.
• Exercise and yoga go hand in hand and can be extremely helpful. Relaxation activities such as yoga and meditation can be helpful in managing stress along with preparing for labour.
• Talk about this to your partner or friend. Try to build a supportive network around you that can help you to come out of this period, and where you can easily share your worries and feelings to get relief.
• You can take some childbirth education classes where you will come across the knowledge of pregnancy and its related procedures. You will also learn some techniques to cope with the pressure.
• If by any means you are suffering from depression, you should consult a professional. Getting early treatment and counselling can map this problem and ensure your well-being as well.

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