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 How Smoking And Alcohol Affect Women’s Health

Smoking And Alcohol Effect On Women’s Health
 How Smoking And Alcohol Affect Women’s Health

Author: Dr. Beena Muktesh MBBS, MD, KGMC, PGPN
Consultant: MBBS, MS – Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Motherhood Hospital, Gurgaon 

There is an increasing trend of alcohol and tobacco misuse among women leading to serious health concerns. While alcohol misuse by anyone presents serious public health concerns, women who drink have a higher risk of certain alcohol-related problems compared to men.

On average, women weigh less than men. Also, alcohol resides predominantly in body water, and pound for pound, women have less water in their bodies than men. This means that after a woman and a man of the same weight drink the same amount of alcohol, the woman’s blood alcohol concentration (the amount of alcohol in the blood) will tend to be higher, putting her at greater risk for harm. 

Health Risks

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD): This is characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite adverse social, occupational, or health consequences.

Liver damage: Women who regularly misuse alcohol are more likely to develop alcohol-associated hepatitis, a potentially fatal alcohol-related liver condition, than men who drink the same amount. This pattern of drinking can also lead to cirrhosis (permanent liver scarring)

Heart disease: Long-term alcohol misuse is a leading cause of heart disease. Women are more susceptible to alcohol-related heart disease than men, even though they may consume less alcohol over their lifetime than men.

Brain damage: Research suggests that alcohol misuse produces brain damage more quickly in women than in men. In addition, a growing body of evidence shows that alcohol can disrupt normal brain development during adolescence, and there may be differences in the impact of alcohol on the brains of teenagers who drink.

Individuals should try to avoid alcohol completely, particularly those who experience facial flushing and dizziness when drinking alcohol. Also in this category are older adults, anyone planning to drive a vehicle or operate machinery, and individuals who participate in activities that require skill, coordination, and alertness.

Smoking And Women’s Health 

Women who smoke are more likely to have specific health issues and get certain diseases than those who don’t smoke. While some health issues are immediate, others develop over time. Below are some harmful health effects of smoking that are especially important for women to be aware of.

Reproductive Issues 

  • More irregular or painful periods.
  • Low estrogen levels
  • Menopause at a younger age
  • Trouble getting pregnant.

Respiratory Issue 

Smokers are more likely than non-smokers to get chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This disease makes it hard to breathe, and it gets worse over time. There is no cure for COPD.

Cardiovascular (Heart) Issue 

People who smoke have an increased risk of heart disease, the number one cause of death for both women and men in the United States. For people under the age of 50, most cases of heart disease are related to smoking.


People who smoke have an increased risk of many cancers, such as lung, pancreatic, kidney, liver, throat, bladder, and colorectal cancers. Below is more information about the link between smoking and cancer, specifically women.

Other Complications 

Women smokers over 35 have a slightly greater risk of dying from heart disease than men who smoke.

When you become smoke-free, your mind and body will begin to heal immediately. Quitting smoking can improve your mood and give you more energy to do the things you love. It also lowers your risk of getting certain diseases in the future. It’s never too late to gain the benefits from quitting.

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