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Involvement Of Parents In Child Development

Involvement Of Parents In Child Development

Author: Dr.Amit Gupta MBBS, MD, KGMC, PGPN
Consultant: Paediatrician & Neonatologist at Motherhood Hospital, Noida  

Parent’s involvement in early childhood education is important and can extend a child's experience in all aspects social, emotional, and mental. Involved parents can make a positive and lasting impact on their child's learning ability. When children experience early quality learning and care, their short-term cognition is boosted, and they develop socially and emotionally. Similarly, it would also help in long term success in academics and later life. 

When a parent gets involved with their child, it means he/she is committed to actively participating in the activities and phenomena that surround their children. This comprises many activities that can require the support and helping hand of a parent in making the learning process more flexible. The early years of children are the most important as growth and cognitive development occurs in this phase, where its impact renders throughout life. When a parent takes the course of getting involved with his child, the extent of learning is broadened beyond other learning platforms, like the preschool curriculum. 

Besides, when a child is learning from his parents, he usually develops a positive approach towards other things. The act of learning is a continuous process where the daily communication between the parents and children makes an environment for learning while enjoying and participating every day for better outcomes, along with fostering a way towards self-discipline.

A child who is stimulated correctly or is moulded in a proper way is likely to perform better and do well in the long run. The child is more likely to perform better academically and lead a healthier and more productive life as an adult. The first five years are crucial in a child's development process, mainly being receptive to human contact.

Parent involvement typically involves parents' behaviours in the home, and school settings meant to support their children's progress. Measures of parent involvement commonly include the quality and frequency of communication with teachers as well as participation in school functions and activities.

Benefits of parent involvement 

  • Extends learning beyond the classroom 
  • Children develop a positive approach towards education and learning: 
  • Social benefits

Parents have come to realize that their roles are not limited to performing certain important tasks; active participation in their child's education is necessary, as it extends learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

Children feel more confident in their outlook towards classroom learning, and active participation on the part of parents gives them the incentive to learn better. Also, this proximity makes the child more confident and happier. Parents should: 

  • Be available to their children 
  • Teach them to distinguish right from wrong 
  • Encourage them to be independent
  • Enable them to express their ideas and opinions

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