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Dealing With Menopause


Author: Dr. Teji Dawane, MBBS, MD (OBGYN)
Consultant: Obstetrician & Gynecologist at Motherhood Hospital Whitefield Bangalore

Menopause is a change into another stage of life. It starts when the menstrual cycle ends. Menopause isn't a medical issue, and some experience it as a period of freedom. But hormonal changes and different components involved can cause inconvenience. Every individual may unexpectedly encounter menopause. It usually begins between the ages of 40 and 58. For a few, it will happen early because of an ailment or treatment like the surgical removal of the ovaries.

Menopause occurs when you have gone 12 consecutive months without a menstrual period. Changing estrogen levels and progesterone, two female hormones made in the ovaries, lead to symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Menopause is a natural part of ageing and marks the end of the female reproductive years.

Menopause happens in three phases

Perimenopause or premenopause is the temporary time that begins before menopause. It includes the year that follows an individual's last period. 

Menopause begins either a year after the last period or when the feminine cycle has stopped on a clinical account, for example, the removal of the ovaries. 

Post-menopause alludes to the years after menopause. It tends to be hard to tell when menopause has been completed, and postmenopause has begun.

Symptoms associated with menopause: 

  • Lower fertility 
  • Unpredictable period cycle 
  • Vaginal dryness 
  • Hot flashes 
  • Excessive sweating 
  • Sleep disorders 
  • Emotional changes 
  • Physical changes

Some of the symptoms overlap or have a cascade effect. For example, vaginal dryness may contribute to a lower sex drive, and frequent night time hot flashes may be a factor in insomnia.

Hot flashes and vaginal dryness are the two symptoms most frequently linked with menopause. Other symptoms associated with menopause include sleep disturbances, urinary complaints, sexual dysfunction, mood changes, and quality of life. Unfortunately, concentration and minor memory problems can also be a normal part of menopause.

Menopause isn't a medical issue. However, it's a natural progression. Nonetheless, it can include undesirable physical and mental changes. Menopause requires no medical treatment. Instead, treatments focus on relieving your signs and symptoms and preventing or managing chronic conditions that may occur with ageing. 

Managing symptoms of menopause

Certain lifestyle or at-home changes can help you manage symptoms of post-menopause. Some of these include:

  • Using a water-based vaginal lubricant during sex to make it more pleasurable. Lubricating the vagina helps with dryness and pain.
  • Regular exercise, meditation and other relaxing activities can help with depression and other side effects of post-menopause. 
  • Eating a diet rich in phytoestrogens (plant based sources of estrogen) such as wholegrain cereals, flaxseed, chickpeas, and legumes. Reducing caffeine and alcohol intake has also been shown to help. 

Some people continue to feel symptoms of menopause for years after their last menstrual period. It's common to have hot flashes or feel depressed about getting older. Going through menopause can be uncomfortable and present new challenges and health concerns. Speak with your doctor if you still suffer from symptoms so they can offer support or treatment. 

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