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How to get your body ready for pregnancy: 5 important steps?

Physical Aspect of getting pregnant
How to get your body ready for pregnancy: 5 important steps?

Author - Motherhood Medical Team

Before trying to conceive and assume parenthood, it is important to take some steps that can provide the best possible chances of a healthy pregnancy along with a heathy baby. Some changes are needed to incorporate in daily lifestyle for being at better odds to conceive.

Quick Fact:

The beginning of pregnancy can relate with tiredness and morning sickness making a women feel worn out.

Tips to get pregnant fast

Following are some important steps that can help you begin your motherhood in a healthy way:

  1. Know your body: You should know about your ovulation period- the time when you can get pregnant. Tracking your ovulation can help you know your most fertile days and accordingly plan your pregnancy. Ovulation can be tracked using some apps, ovulation predictor strips etc.
  2. Taking prenatal supplements: Before beginning your pregnancy, prenatal supplements including prenatal vitamins should be taken. The nutrient composition in these vitamins can sustain and nourish your body along with providing protection to your baby against birth defects.
  3. Handling stress: Stress can impact your overall health being which can affect your fertility as well. Stress can impact your menstrual cycle which can affect your ability to conceive. It is important to reduce stress to think clearly along with making proper decisions and improving relationships.
  4. Staying active: You should stay active where exercising for 30 minutes a day is recommended for sound health and body. This can help you maintain weight and stress which can help your body to stay healthy.
  5. Changing diet plan: You need to optimize you diet before trying to conceive where your diet should include low carbohydrates, increased portions of proteins and healthy fats, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Besides taking nutritious foods, some foods should also be cut off like fishes’ rich in mercury.

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