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Preconception counselling in Pregnancy and Postnatal care

Preconceptual Counselling
Preconception counselling in Pregnancy and Postnatal care

Author - Motherhood Medical Team

You may be wishing to have a healthy and happy pregnancy where having a consultation can help you. Preconception counselling concurs to planned and healthy pregnancy. During this, you can have an appointment with your healthcare specialist to plan about your pregnancy along with mitigating prevailing risk factors.

Quick Fact:

If there is poor control of diabetes, it can increase the chances of birth defects and other problems for pregnancy.

Preconception counselling

Appointment with your doctor regarding preconception counseling should be planned before three months of pregnancy. During your appointment, the following areas may be considered and discussed:

  • Your medical history: Your healthcare provider will go through your overall health before pregnancy. Any pre-existing medical condition, if any, would be discussed along with the need of medications.
  • Family history: Knowing about family history can help in identifying any genetic condition that may be passed over.
  • Lifestyle: A proper and healthy lifestyle means a healthy pregnancy where your health care provider will recommend a nutritious diet, exercising, and stoppage of smoking or alcohol.

While these are the topics discussed, there are some tests as well that can be conducted during preconception counseling, as:

  • Physical examination: Your healthcare provider may take your physical exam where he can check your heart, lungs, breast, thyroid, abdomen, weight etc. Besides, a pelvic exam and blood pressure may also be checked.
  • Tests: In case of any disease or condition, various tests for cell blood count (CBC), thyroid issues, diabetes screening etc. may be conducted as well.

Postnatal care

Postnatal care refers to the immediate care dispensed towards a mother after delivery. It includes prevention, elimination, early detection and medication for health complications. Mothers need care after delivery as they suffer from physical as well as emotional changes. Postnatal care involves taking care of nutrition, proper rest, and vaginal care for the mother to help her recover quickly.

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