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Is SEX during pregnancy is safe? - Dr Madhuri Laha

Is SEX during pregnancy is safe? – Dr Madhuri Laha

Very common question in pregnant female mind. Most patient feels that sex may harm the baby in uterus though answer is not totally yes or no overall it is safe through out the pregnancy in uncomplicated low risk case.

Trimester Wise Guide

First Trimester - Most of the pregnant female have low libido due to associated nausea, vomiting and weakness in first trimester. Or maybe due to unplanned pregnancy patient may feel a loss of libido.

Second trimester - Most of the pregnant female are comfortable in their second trimester as they are free of nausea. Also there is an increase in libido due to engorgement of genital organs. Also, risk of abortions are low and placenta is localised in ultrasonography so doctor is more confident to allow sex during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Third trimester-Though safe, but uncomfortable for females due to the large tummy of the patient. Risk of premature labour pains are still there. The couple may try other positions during sex like a female on the top or side positions.

Conditions where sex during pregnancy to be avoided -

  • H/O abortion and miscarriages, preterm labour pain , 2nd trimester abortion due to incompetent os.
  • Cases with low lying placenta reaching or covering os, premature rupture of membranes.
  • Post coital bleeding, vaginal or cervical infection with purulent white discharge.
  • Some cases have swollen blood vessels at cervical mouth which may get ruptured during intercourse, needs doctors advice before going ahead.

When to rejoin sex after child's birth?

  • Generally after normal vaginal delivery there is bleeding followed by lochia discharge(white and yellow) which last for more than a month. During this period sex should be avoided due to the risk of infection.

*Also there is episiotomy stitch and vaginal mucosa injury which needs time to heal of at least 20-25 days.

*Female may feel low libido during this period because of new responsibility of newborn and disturbed sleep cycle. 

*Important point to keep in mind is about the contraception because a female may get pregnant before even getting her first period after delivery.

* Barrier methods like condoms or IUCD should be used to avoid pregnancy. Barrier method also protects the female from a sexually transmitted disease so should be seriously considered in pregnancy and puerperal period.

Ultimately it is a couple's decision and choice about the sex during and after pregnancy. Any couple can enjoy the intimacy after taking advice from the doctor.

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