Misrepresented Facts Clarified

On October 22, 2015 | All, Obstetrics & Gynaecology

This post is with the sole purpose to clarify the misrepresentation of facts by Times of India.We hope that each one of you takes note of the facts and and the dedication with which expecting mothers are dealt with regularly at Motherhood Hospitals.

  1. Doctor not present in the hospital.

Fact: The consultant is a doctor of immense commitment and dedication and she had called to check on the patient at 5 amon her own and then came to the hospital at 5.08 am to ensure the safety of her patient and the baby.

  1. Competent anaesthetist not available

Fact:There was an anaesthetist in house and at all Motherhood hospitals we have a full time qualified Obstetricians on call 24/7 and a dedicated team of anaesthetists also 24/7. In this case the anaesthetist on call was the patients own friend who was present at her bedside and is a qualified person.

  1. Media says doctor administered a wrong injection.

Fact: The patient was admitted for induction of labour to facilitate a natural birth and the injection was given at 6 pmthe previous day. An allergic reaction or adverse reaction will not take 10 hours to happen.

  1. Baby was pulled out with forceps

Fact: The mother had a emergency caesarean section so the baby could not have had a forceps delivery. Baby was delivered at 5.40 am. Baby had suffered some oxygen deprivation due to the mothers illness and was saved.

  1. Patient taken to OT and nothing was done

Fact: The anaesthetist on call was her friend and 5 am patient was shifted to OT and 5.40 am the baby was delivered. The mother was resuscitated for 3 full hours by the team of doctors but she suffered from amniotic fluid embolism which is fatal event and not something the doctor could have stopped. For more details on Amniotic Fluid Embolism, please read this http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/amniotic-fluid-embolism/basics/definition/con-20035462

  1. The baby had passed stool

Fact: It is called a meconium stained liqor and happens in 15-20% of all term deliveries. It is nothing to be worried about just the neonatologist pay more attention to babies born with stained liqor. You can read more about this here as well. https://www.ucsfbenioffchildrens.org/pdf/manuals/5_MeconiumAF.pdf



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