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Multiple Fibroids - Dr Suhasini

Multiple fibroids and their treatment options with Dr. Suhasini - Motherhood Hospital India
Multiple Fibroids – Dr Suhasini

Safe Surgical Treatment for Every Woman

Women are often so busy looking after the needs of their loved ones and trying to strike a work-life balance that they fail to take care of their health.

Many women may experience setbacks in their reproductive health yet suffer discomfort silently till it becomes unbearable. Dr Suhasini Inamdar, Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Motherhood hospitals, Indiranagar talks about a few conditions and the advanced treatment for them and ensures that women get the advantage of a timely diagnosis and effective treatment that includes advanced gynaecological surgeries wherever necessary.

Multiple Fibroids:

Fibroids are benign growths that occur within the uterus and are quite common among women. Uterine fibroids affect around 20-40 per cent of women in their reproductive age. They grow on the wall of the uterus and may be single or in clusters. Most fibroids go undetected as some patients may not show any signs of symptoms.


  1. Vaginal bleeding
  2. Bleeding between periods
  3. Painful periods
  4. Pain and discomfort in the pelvic region
  5. Heaviness and bloating of the lower abdomen
  6. Infertility

In some women, fibroids can interfere with day-to-day functioning as they cause severe pain and bleeding. As a result, the quality of life suffers considerably. In such cases, surgical treatment can help the patient get back to a normal, productive life.

Talking about a challenging case, Dr Suhasini said:

We had a 30-year-old patient who came to us with complaints of severe pain in the abdomen and heavy bleeding. She was anaemic and because of that she was always tired and unable to work to her full potential. Investigations revealed that the patient had multiple fibroids in her uterus. In fact, one of the fibroids was jutting into the lining of the womb, displacing the endometrium.


Myomectomy: As the woman was in her reproductive years and wanted to conceive, the main challenge was to remove the fibroids while preserving the uterus. Also, care had to be taken not to damage the fallopian tubes. So, doctors performed myomectomy, a surgery to remove fibroids without taking out the healthy tissue of the uterus. A cut was made in the abdomen and the fibroids were carefully extracted. This procedure is recommended for women who want to get pregnant.

We removed more than 90 fibroids from her uterus, in such a way that there was no scope for infection in future and the tissue was not scarred. As a follow-up we have conducted a hysteroscopy (procedure to investigate the inside of the uterine cavity using a hysteroscope, a pipe-like device with a camera at one end) and the patient is recovering well, added Dr Inamdar.

Another surgical treatment for multiple fibroids is total hysterectomy, where the entire uterus and cervix are removed. This can be performed through the minimally-invasive route as well, even when the fibroids are large.

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