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Myths and Facts about Pregnancy by Jasmine

Myths and Facts about Pregnancy by Jasmine
  • Myths and facts about pregnancy
    1. A pregnant mother should be eating for two.
    2. Saffron will make the baby's complexion fairer.
    3. Pregnant women should avoid fish.
    4. Craving for spicy foods means you are having a boy, and craving for sweet foods indicate a girl.
    5. Pregnant women can catch a flu with cold and sour food items.
    6. Papaya and pineapple can cause abortion or miscarriages.
    7. The food you crave or eat more during pregnancy are going to be baby's favorites.

    1. There is no evidence to show that you need to eat for two. Eating a healthy, balance diet is important.
    2. There is no evidence to support this belief.
    3. Fish that contain high levels of mercury should be avoided. E.g. Shark, Sword Fish, King Mackerel and Tile Fish. Mercury consumed during pregnancy has been linked to developmental delays and brain damage.
    4. Research shows that cravings have nothing to do with determining the sex of a baby.
    5. These foods are loaded with vitamin (citrus fruits) especially vitamin C. It's an important vitamin for iron absorption. Curd and butter milk provide probiotics which keep the mothers get healthy and help in digestion along with providing good immunity.
    6. These fruits in their raw form contain certain enzymes, which if consumed in large quantities, can cause uterine contractions.
    7. No real evidence for this but some studies have shown that food choices you made during pregnancy may shape baby's food preference.
By Jasmine, Nutritionist, Sarjapur Road

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