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Here are the results based on the information you provided:

You next most fertile period is November 14, 1999 to November 18, 1999

If you conceive within this timeframe, your estimated due date will be August 08, 2000

How to detect ovulation

Body temperature changes
Senses become hightened
Spotting may occure
Nausea and headache
Cervix position changes
Libido changes

Motherhood offers you the Pregnancy Ovulation Calculator

This Ovulation Calendar Calculator helps you to work out your fertile days quickly and easily. Like the Motherhood Pregnancy Week Calculator, the ovulation calculator can provide you with accurate, reliable results.  A woman can conceive only during a certain part of the month – Just before and during ovulation.  

By learning when you ovulate, you can predict when you’re likely to be fertile. This calculator provides approximate ovulation dates and fertile times for women who have regular periods. (Regular periods mean having a period every 21 to 40 days.)

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