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Postnatal Care-First 6 Weeks Of Recovery

Postpartum Care: Caring for Your Health After Childbirth - Motherhood India Hospital
Postnatal Care-First 6 Weeks Of Recovery

No one needs to be Sherlock to understand that, despite how exciting and amazing ,pregnancy may seem, it is one of the most challenging experiences a woman will ever have. While some people might believe that after childbirth, the challenges are over, they are not. For the mother, the postnatal stage can be just as frantic and stressful as the first two. Therefore, it’s crucial that the mother have excellent postnatal care, especially in the first six weeks following delivery.

Caring for Your Newborn in the First Few Weeks of Life

There are some things you may do to hasten your recovery, but keep in mind that every mother's recovery is different because every pregnancy and body are distinct. So, I've provided some tips for postnatal self-care here for new mothers.

Breastfeeding and Nutrition: Tips for Nourishing Yourself and Your Baby

The first step to recovery is maintaining a healthy diet. Increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. You should also drink a lot of water if you are lactating.


To help you feel less worn out and fatigued, try to get as much sleep as you can. You will need to get as much rest as you can because your infant could not have a regular waking and sleeping schedule.

Try light and moderate exercise:

Exercising doesn’t have to be anything demanding; go for a leisurely stroll around, try breathing exercises, or pelvic floor exercises. However, when it is appropriate to begin exercising, your doctor will advise you.

Ice your perineum (for normal delivery):

Regularly ice your perineum. Specific perineal ice packs are available to buy. In the first several weeks, ice the perineum for 10 minutes at least three times per day.

Maintain hygiene:

You might have undergone a perineal tear or an episiotomy if you had a normal delivery. To avoid infection and hasten to heal, keep the wound clean and dry. Every time you use the bathroom, wash the wound with water.

If you had a cesarean, once the stitches are removed you can take a shower and a bath as usual After taking a shower, tap the wound dry and avoid using soap on it.

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