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Preconception Counselling By Dr.Beena Jeysingh

Preconception Counselling By Dr.Beena Jeysingh

Caring for your health before you become pregnant will help you learn about any risk factors and treat any medical problems before you conceive.This helps you make healthy choices for you and your baby.
During the preconception visit you will be questioned regarding your medical and surgical history,family and genetic history,previous obstetric history and lifestyle habits.A basic physical examination,weight and BP check is done.
Blood test to check rubella virus immunity done.
Based on the assesment, lifestyle modification,to avoid any medications that can be harmful to baby and appropriate counselling if any required given to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. Folic acid is advised to be taken from atleast 2 months prior to pregnancy .If not immune to rubella, vaccination advised.

Dr.Beena Jeysingh

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