Kanmani Manjunath about Dt. Divya Gopal at Motherhood Banashankari



Hi Divya Madam,

Sorry for brining this up late but the fact is that I can’t thank you enough for the result I got in this incredible journey of my life. Honestly this is the first time I ever consulted dietician and I had my own nightmare about dieting but it was so wonderful with you that you put everything into right place you are just too patient, calm and systematic in your approach.

You understood my taste, my routine, my priorities and guided me really well throughout my pregnancy. You were available all the time whenever needed. You were very helpful in managing my pregnancy diet so well that I still feel motivated.

So, thank you very much for everything for making my precious pregnancy an beautiful and memorable journey


Kanmani Manjunath

Ramapriya about Dt. Divya Gopal at Motherhood Banashankari



The journey at Motherhood was amazing starting from starch till the delivery.

My special thanks to you, Divya for having made the journey further smooth.

Being a TYPE 1 diabetic and managing meals is of prime concern. This importance takes precedence post delivery where each speck of food taken has to be considered with caution. This is where the dietician’s role comes into play.

Divya, you’ve been incredible at this aspect making sure there has been constant supply of nutritious & timely food reaching me and pampering me.

Thank you is just an understatement. You were fabulous, please keep up the good work.



Babitha Harsha about Dr.Kathyaini at Motherhood Banashankari.



Dr.Kathyaini has been externally patient to understand and guide as the way to become new parents( Conceived natural).
The team is very honest and polite enough to keep us informed about all the processes and procedures.
Dr.Kathyaini has been helpful and available, remotely as well to clear the small basic doubts that raised.
Facility available under one roof and ambiance maintained neat and clean.

-Babitha Harsha

Rama & Namrata about Motherhood Banashankari NICU Facility.


We are thankful to the motherhood hospital for the best service provide motherhood hospital is well maintained, the staff is very co-operative. We were admitted to the hospital for early delivery, as baby growth is lagging.

Baby weight is less (2.3 kg) and baby got infected with bacteria and this has been detected very early, thanks to regular sugar level checks done to the baby.

The doctor took the decision (based on the baby’s condition) and admitted her to NICH. I STARTED ic & sent for a quick test. Because of early detection, the infection was less, and taken 2 days for the baby to recover from infection & shifted toward.

Thankful to doctor & staff in NICU very co-operative provide every information & console me and my wife where we are in sadness, provided is the confidence of baby improvement. Treatment is good, doctor, nurses are the helpful baby in cleaning & washing.

Inward, nurses maintain regular baby feeding time & help the baby in cleaning & washing

The doctor detected jaundice quickly & put the W V lights and jaundice got reduced in a day.

Nurses are helpful & maintained feeding monitoring of the baby regularly even at night time. Very prompt & dedicated workers.

Thanks again & I recommended others also to this hospital claim settlement happened very quickly, no Hasal


Rama S Loukadi

Namrata I patil

Manasa about Dr. Nethra K & Dr. Varija at Motherhood Banashankari.

Doctors: Dr. Nethra K & Dr. Varija

Unit: Motherhood Banashankari.

This was my first delivery.

The overall experience from Motherhood hospital was really good. Every doctors and staff are very caring and supportive, Especially Dr. Nethra K and Dr. Varija mam are awesome. They will guide you like mothers and care for every girl/ woman like a baby. So sweet of them.

I recommend motherhood hospital to every woman out there.

Thanks to all doctors and staff at motherhood….!!!!!


Akhil Arora about Dr. Deepak Rao at Motherhood Indiranagar.

Doctor: Dr. Deepak Rao.

Unit: Motherhood Indiranagar.

We consider ourselves most fortunate to have consulted Dr. Deepak Rao as Charoo’s Gynecologist. Dr. Deepak is a caring doctor and a thorough professional and it was extremely comforting to know that he was always an email or phone call away.

The facility at Rashmi Hospital is wonderful. The medical staff is well experienced and caring, and the administrative staff is extremely pleasant and efficient in their work.

We were beyond impressed with the kind of care we got and our experience with Dr. Deepak Rao and would highly recommend him to everyone.

Charoo & Akhil Arora

Ridhima Khurana about Dr. Manju Gupta at Motherhood Noida.

Doctor: Dr. Manju Gupta

Unit: Motherhood Noida.

I would like to share my pregnancy experience under the care and guidance of Dr. Manju Gupta.

It was truly a great privilege to have a compassionate and amiable doctor like you, Ma’am. I am filled with gratitude for your consistent show of concern while handling my case.

I liked the way you encouraged and supported me throughout my pregnancy journey, explained everything patiently, in great detail, and made sure everything went fine. You were always available for answering my queries readily over call/WhatsApp. I really appreciate the way you are committed to your work.

I admire you for guiding me in the right direction just like a parent does. Your insistence on normal and healthy delivery gave me the strength to endure the difficulties that came my way. Must say, apart from being a great doctor, you are a wonderful soul as well.

Huge thanks to you from the bottom of my heart, for all your remarkable efforts and for always being there by my side Ma’am. I will always cherish my experience with you.

Thank you

Ridhima Khurana

Avdhesh and Suruchi about Dr. Manju Gupta at Motherhood Noida.

Doctor: Dr. Manju Gupta

Unit: Motherhood Noida.

Dr.MANJU GUPTA is an Extra-Ordinary expert gynecologist in handling any type of Pregnancy problems, Especially High-Risk Pregnancy She is Verry caring in nature, Responding very nicely with the patients over call and what’s app, she is 24*7 available for patients Actually,

My wife was having one miscarriage and we went to her for the next pregnancy which is complicated and she has taken utmost care and delivered the baby normally, She is the most experienced and wonderful doctor. She is especially known for Normal (Veginal) Delivery).

She is the Best Doctor in the NCR. I must recommend Dr. Manju Gupta for all couple who wants to become a parent.

Once You Consult Dr. Manju Gupta forget about the fear of pregnancy, she will throw all your fear from the window.

Thanks for everything Mam, You are such a Ferry for us.

Best Regards

Avdhesh Parashar

Suruchi Shukla


Kavya, Sandeep & The Little One

Dear Dr Aarthi Bharta,

Words cannot describe my gratitude to you. Thank you for all the expertise, comfort, and care you have provided throughout my pregnancy.

You have a lovely combination of professionalism and caring that makes your patients feel comfortable. My first visit itself made me feel I have known you long enough to open up and share my concerns.  The casual talks you held and the music you played in the OT to create a relaxing environment was remarkable.

Thank you for bringing our sweet miracle to this world. We feel truly blessed.


Kavya, Sandeep & The Little One

Mr. Hemanth & Mrs. Shivsharani Motherhood Hospitals

We were very happy with the services provided in Motherhood Hospital, HRBR from the day we joined. We are thankful to Dr. Manjula Patil and Dr. Suresh Gowda for their dedication towards our baby. My baby was born with a weight of 1.02kgs and now he is 2.53kgs. He is a health baby now.

I would like to thank the NICU department, the nurses had taken good care of my baby from the day he entered NICU. I would also like to thank the Billing team as well.

Mr. Hemanth
Mrs. Shivsharani