Harshit Singh about Dr. Manisha Ranjan at Motherhood Noida.

Doctor Name – Dr. Manisha Ranjan

Unit – Motherhood Noida.

Wonderful experience with Motherhood Hospital !! They helped us deliver a healthy baby and took good care of the mother. Biggest positive –  Dr. Manisha Ranjan and her team insisted on a normal delivery. A big shout out to the nursing and housekeeping staff. They went out of their way to make us feel at home. I must compliment the management for hiring the right people. Everyone right from the guards, the front office, the doctors, nurses, housekeeping staff and even the guys from the cafeteria are thorough and trained professionals who are extremely polite and empathetic.
Extremely happy that we chose this hospital to welcome our first child. Highly recommended !!
-Harshit Singh

Soniya Sharma about Dr Manisha Ranjan at Motherhood Noida.

Doctor Name – Dr Manisha Ranjan

Unit – Motherhood Noida.

Hello mam, My husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of the hearts for bringing my sweet angel into the world safe and healthy. Our journey started with you in August’19 when we started planning for the baby and under your guidance we delivered a full term healthy baby on June 3rd.

I would shout out to all would be mom’s , do not be nervous, just relax and follow Manisha’s mam advice, normal delivery is not a nightmare, it’s just a matter of 4-5hours of active labor pain but unlike c-section no pain after delivery and you can continue your normal life from next day.
Whenever we were worried or tensed and walked into meet her, we always came out with smile. She use to explain each and everything , also she encourages normal delivery and motivate you for the same. We admitted in morning and delivered the baby in the night, and her advice and encouragement during last hour in labor room made the time pass quickly during labor.
Honestly speaking, when I moved to Noida last year, I decided to meet her after Practo’s reviews but yes those review were genuine. It’s because of her concern and expertise and great smiles, we felt like we were in safe hands and that gave us peace of mind towards the big day.Thank you once again for helping deliver the most precious gift of our life. You are an amazing doctor and a beautiful person🙂.

We would definitely recommend you for any one who is planning for a baby.

-Soniya Sharma

Nidhi Jha & Rishi Jha about Dr. Manisha Tomar at Motherhood Noida.

Doctor Name – Dr. Manisha Tomar

Unit – Motherhood Noida.

 ” Our journey with Dr. Manisha Tomar” was far more than satisfying…she made our roller coaster ride as smooth as was possible…our journey was full of jerks untill the time we delivered our little angel but all this time Ma’am gave us the comfort that she is there next to us…together she made us believe that our small steps will finally take us to our final destination….she is an excellent professional and a humble human being….

She always gives ample time to her patients and gives them enough time to discuss their concerns…
We had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my 3rd trimester but with her expertise she balanced both my diabetes and the health of our baby with a few changes in our diet…
Above all she had been really quick to always respond to our messages and even our emergency calls at odd hours ….it always gave us the comfort that -All will be well when Dr Manisha is there ….
Dring these covid times she has been calm and helped her patients maintain their positivity…needless to say she came like a ” Guiding angel”  in our life who bought another angel in our life and made us complete…thank you Ma’am for everything..we have been fortunate to have found you.”

– Nidhi Jha and Rishi Jha

Uma Vijay about Dr. Kathyayini at Motherhood Banashankari.

Doctor Name – Dr. Kathyayini.

Unit – Motherhood Banashankari.

I am glad to write this feedback about the services provided by the motherhood hospital with regards to

Dr. Kathyayini and her support staff.
Dr. Kathyayini was too good to make me feel very comfortable whenever was on a visit to her also could get assistance from her over the phone with regards to any queries irrespective of the time.
Coming to support staff they were also friendly & supportive in all the queries addressed to them and took good care of me whenever I visited the hospital for a checkup. Not to mention Noor was also very helpful in all stages from the start to end of my journey under Dr. Kathyayini and was quite responsive whenever we had any queries.
Overall the experience and the services from the Doctor and staff of the motherhood Hospital were very good.
By Uma Vijay 


Aparna about Dr. Kathyayini at Motherhood Banashankari.



We are fully satisfied with the hospitality and services. Our Special thanks to Dr.Kathyaini madam for the Guidance. And all the other staffs are so friendly and helping. We will come here and visit again.
By Aparna

Surabhi Sing about Dr. Kathyayini at Motherhood Banashankari.



The complete process was 3 months. Starting from consultation to follow up by the team. I will call out Noor for the explained job and solving our queries to satisfaction. A big thanks to Dr.Kathyaini during these periods of Consultation.

By Surabhi Sing 

Vijaya Priya about Dr. Madhavi Reddy at Motherhood HRBR.

Doctor Name – Dr. Madhavi Reddy.

Unit – HRBR Layout.

I don’t know where or how to begin expressing my gratitude to you for being the reason behind the successful and smooth delivery of my beautiful baby girl. When I learnt that I was pregnant, I was apprehensive with each passing pregnancy milestone as I was unsure about what to expect or how to rightly care for myself. I remember listing down a great number of questions during each consultation and you would patiently respond to each in a brief but accurate manner. Sometimes, I would wonder why I don’t get more elaborate suggestions or directions from you, but in retrospect, I now do realize that your style involved a very professional step by step approach and most importantly, you allowed nature to take over the process in the most natural way possible. The end result of this was a successful normal delivery.

Every time I felt confused during my pregnancy, I would remember to scrupulously follow your instructions. Dr. Madhavi, I can easily say with confidence that following your instructions to-dot made the entire process stress-free.

Yes, like most new mothers I do feel like my delivery exposed me to a part of myself that I never knew existed. I was able to discover my deep inner mental and physical strengths while handling labour pain. These newly found insights as a new mother would have been impossible to gather if not for an exceptional, skillful and remarkable doctor like you who kept her calm and showed her expertise throughout her professional journey with me.

Divya about Dr.Kathyaini at Motherhood Banashankari.

Doctor Name: Dr.Kathyaini

Unit: Motherhood Banashankari

Happy to share that I am 6weeks pregnant after consulting Dr.Kathyaini I got positive vibes.
I conceived naturally without any treatment. Good hospitality
Thank you


Indrani Singh Motherhood Hospitals

We just want to thank Dr Madhav Reddy for her great support. She was very caring and supporting for normal delivery. We got our little one through normal delivery without any issues.

Mr & Mrs. Amaraja Naik Motherhood Hospitals

I was both happy and worried when I got pregnant. The test came positive and added a hundred doubts. One thing I decided was to find a good hospital and stick to it throughout the pregnancy.

The best decision of my life was to select Motherhood Hospital. From day one to till date, I have been treated with great care.

Special thanks to Dr. Swati Gaikwad (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) who was the pillar that we could build on. Thanks to all the nursing staff for their promptness.