Anushri Kocher Motherhood Hospitals

I’ve not visited Dr. Anita at Diva care, I’am getting consultation from her at motherhood.

Dr. Anita is just too good. Although I don’t have any complications in my pregnancy but still I know if I ‘ll have any problem, she will always be there.

Every month I spend only 5-10 minutes with her but they are enough, I feel very comfortable with Dr. Anita as I can clear all my doubts with her. I know she is very busy but when I visit, it doesn’t seem that she is in hurry.

Some other facts about her

She is very gentle during check up
She is very friendly and you’ll get enough time to discuss all your queries
I’m sure that you will feel comfortable asking her personal medical questions

D Silva Gomes Motherhood Hospitals

Dr.Anita is an excellent doctor.
We got to know about the Doctor by the website of Motherhood Hospital. The reviews were excellent, so we had decided to consult her for my Wife’s pregnancy. From the first visit till the end, we felt very comfortable with her. She has very friendly attitude and very talented. Each time when there was an emergency the Doctor was available for us. With all her efforts and time my wife was able to deliver (Normal) a Baby Boy on 19th Dec 2014. Also, this is one of the doctors who do not divert patient to C-Section.
Thanks Doctor, me and my family will never forget you in our life.

Jothi Motherhood Hospitals

As this is our first baby, I wanted to personally share my experience with Motherhood Hospital – Banashankari, Bangalore. Firstly, I would like to thank all the doctors and hospital staff who’ve been taking good care of my wife and child. I am glad that Dr. Deepthi Shashidhar suggested this hospital in her list of hospitals, she is affiliated with. She is the best gynaecologist (no doubt) for anyone who is planning for a baby. She is polite, generous, and calm. My wife got comfortable with her after changing two Gynaecologists. She guides you within and out of any situation. My wife has a low haemoglobin count and Dr. Deepthi helped her out in many ways. I would also like to thank Dr. Varija, Lactation Consultant. She was very helpful during our time at the hospital. She is extremely knowledgable in her field and I recommend her for every patient not just because of her expertise in this field but the way she interacts. She monitored my baby and wife time to time as per the feed timing. She cleared the myths, which we found was very helpful. She gave us exercises and made us understand the importance of each one of them. Finally, Dr. Gautham, Consultant Paediatriction was very helpful and made us understand a lot of things about our child. Frankly speaking, I am not someone who reviews but, with this kind of service, I thought of appreciating everyone who supported in delivering a healthy baby.

Swati Sharma Motherhood Hospitals

After being in a bumpy road and dark, Motherhood Hospital has lit my life with hope and happiness. Yes, it is always scary to think about IVF but Dr. Kathyaini and her team supported me both clinically and emotionally. I am 8week pregnant now and conceived through IVF and hope the joy and happiness keep as increasing. The experience at Motherhood Hospital is like knowing your own extended and I am very glad for being taken care off. I sincerely appreciate Dr. Kathyaini and her team for their dedication and effort in helping me with this.

Dhaynya Rao Motherhood Hospitals

The hospital staff is very friendly and so is the Doctor who explained everything properly. The hospital is well kept with proper hygiene and safety precautions were taken at all touchpoints.

I have been married for 3 years now and we were trying for a baby and my friend suggested Dr. Kathyaini for pregnancy treatment. She is a very friendly doctor and she explained everything properly. In the age of business, the doctor suggested normal pregnancy without bouncing on other business opportunities which makes this Doctor exceptional. Further with minimal medications, I attended my wife’s normal pregnancy 2 months back and I am very happy with the services extended by Motherhood.

Dimcy Garg and Gaurav Garg about Dr. Shilpi Srivastava at Motherhood Noida.

Doctor Name – Dr. Shilpi Srivastava

Unit – Motherhood Noida.

Dear shilpi mam,

I would love to express my heartfelt and sincere gratitude to are not just a doctor but a great personality with so much knowledge and a higher confidence in motherhood.

you made me understand that Being mother is not a responsibility but a joy and pleasure of a woman’s life.

I first met you for yoga session in Motherhood hospital and on that very first day of yoga, I found yoga interesting which i never felt before and i really feel that was all because of you..You didn’t provide any sessions be it yoga or Lamaze just for the sake of your job but u really put efforts in everything and make each and everyone comfortable in all possible ways.

Intially when i started those lamaze classes with you, i had no idea about labour management, dilation, child birth,

post delivery baby care, latching and many more topics. But u really made us understand all of these and that too in very interesting ways with the help of diagrams, presentations, props and wonderful activities in between the tried your best to make those long sessions interesting…what i seriously liked about those classes that u make sure that husband should also attend and understand all these things since they are the ones who have to be with us throughout the journey of childbirth from day 1 till the baby arrives to this beautiful world.

We had three Lamaze sessions with doctor Shilpi Shrivastava. They were truly informative . These sessions helped us to get out of fears of delievery and we feel truly relaxed . The sessions for us were really a great  stress Buster’s …And i must say everyone should attend these lamaze session especially when they are first time parents and when the teacher is like Dr. shilpi..its like a ‘Cherry on the cake’.

Mam,  you are truly amazing personality with a bundle of knowledge in this field of motherhood. I m looking forward to deliver a healthy baby with you by my side during my labour since u really gave so much confidence to me and other moms to be.

you always made us feel that..”I CAN DO IT AND I WILL DO IT”

Cheers to you! Thanks a ton Dr. Shipli..😊

_ Dimcy Garg and Gaurav Garg

Vedik Archit about Dr. Manisha at Motherhood Noida.

Doctors Name – Dr. Manisha & DR. SHILPI SRIVASTAVA

Unit – Motherhood Noida.

I would like to extend my love and gratitude for Dr. Manisha, who was a part of my pregnancy journey since Day1. She has a tendency to charge you up with smiles and positivity and make you feel so beautiful inside out. She was always a call away, had i anything to talk about, and with doctor-friends like you, the pregnancy journey becomes more enjoyable. Without your motivation and constant support, this miracle that we hold in our arms today wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you so much @⁨Dr Shilpi for all the love and blessing. This journey of 6 months with Doctor in the online Prenatal Yoga classes was a blessing for me. I was all pepped when i was about to join this class but little did i know that this would be life altering for me. These classes brought routine in my life as i became more active after the classes. I was able to focus and channel my thoughts positively through the different deep breathing techniques and positive affirmations, and also get rid of the many preconceived notions i had about pregnancy journey. Prenatal Yoga always kept me up on my feet, and made me feel more healthy than i felt before pregnancy.

Dr. Shilpi has been more than an instructor to me and i’m sure you’ll will agree to that nature of hers. Her smiling face gets you going, and her innate belief in each and every one of us separates her from the rest. I love how personal and open you are, and I immediately feel comfortable around you. I can share my minutest of doubts with you. Not only this, you were all ears when i had to talk to you about things with didn’t even involve yoga. You introduced lamaze classes to us, and I can’t tell you how much your voice rings in my ears every time something comes up with my little munchkin, and i feel secure as i am not clueless about how to go about with any situation. It’s true that a mother is born with the child, but lamaze classes brought awareness in my life in so many ways. All the basic techniques taught in the classes helped me progress with labor with a mental strength I didn’t know I possessed. Doctor, you stood as a rock with me, showed me my true strength and got me through this journey so beautifully. I have grown as a person and proved to myself the true strength I have and i owe it all to you.

Moreover, i found a new family in the class, many of whom i am still in contact with after the classes and i intend on it staying like that. I always had someone to share my pregnancy journey with, and we would laugh out our worries with each other.
The entire team of motherhood, especially the nursing team that assisted me post delivery were angels in my life. They would be there to help me in an instant, day and night and that too with a smiling face. Kudos to each one of you.
A heartfelt thank you!

-Vedik Archit 

Garima Gupta about Dr. Manisha Tomar at Mothehood Noida.

Doctor name – Dr. Manisha Tomar

Unit – Motherhood Noida.

My experience was very good. I took my treatment from Dr Manisha Tomar. She was superb throughout my treatment. She listened all the queries patiently and answer them in best possible way and relieved all my stress through out my pregnancy journey. There was time when we all were very stressed due to one issue but she took care of everything very well and eventually we were blessed. She is the best doctor and remembers everything about you and your treatment. She is very friendly due to which i never hesitated in asking any questions(even silly questions😊) . she is also very good in understanding the patient pocket and doesnot suggest irrelevant things. Also she explains everything very well which shows her confidence and you don’t have to go anywhere else. Thank you mam for all the help.🙏🙏
 – Garima Gupta (Dr Manisha Tomar)

Anjum Ahmed about Dr. Manisha Tomar at Motherhood Noida.

Doctor Name – Dr. Manisha Tomar

Unit – Motherhood Noida.

Excellent experience with the hospital n it’s hospitality…  In this era of covid I had to visit the hosp almost 4-5times… I experienced the hosp as clean n neat, awesome staff n people working over there were kind n polite… I will recommend the hosp to all specially for pediatrician n gynaecologist it’s really wonderful… Its bit expensive but if u can afford it than do experience this hosp n it’s staff u will find it worth… I had to visit Dr Manisha Tomar as always I recommend her for the people searching for a gynaecologist, she is really good n down to earth person, friendly kind of nature and handle a patient as if she is one of her closed ones… Her explanation n advice for any problem is just superab… People staying in noida or near by hosp should visit her once if u r really looking for gynecologist.
– Anjum Ahmed

Rohit Madaan about Dr. Vandana Sharma at Motherhood Noida.

Doctor Name – Dr. Vandana Sharma

Unit -  Motherhood Noida.

We had our first baby delivered at motherhood hospital noida. We had a wonderful experience. Doctors, nurses and staff were very helpful and supportive. Our gynaecologist was Doctor Vandana C Sharma, who was really an amazing doctor, guided us all through the pregnancy really well, always keeping us motivated enough for the normal delivery.
Doctor Manvi, who was on duty at that time, handled the delivery really well.
Doctor Shilpi, who was the physiotherapist, guided us to handle the labor pain, provided her full support on how to deal with it.
The only negative point was the TPA staff, which took ages to settle the cashless claim. Ultimately we had to pitch in ourselves to get that sorted.
So if you want to have a smooth delivery experience, then definitely you should prefer this hospital provided you have patience for cashless TPA.

-Rohit Madaan