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Arpit Trehan and Madhuri Mehta Motherhood Hospitals

I would like to share our journey from conceiving to having the little one in our life, which will change your world completely (in a good way). So, the news broke out in July '19, and we were super excited and started reading all that we could and watching all content available to mentally and physically prep us for this beautiful development! The initial ultrasounds are the most emotional part when you witness the baby's heartbeat like a blinking star, gradually watching your baby contouring in the following ultrasounds floating in the amniotic fluid the limbs head nose mouth everything! 

Don't get too cautious and ask the missus to be bedridden, remember it's a natural thing and not a disease so be as normal in your routine as you would be otherwise. We were in the most dependable hands of Dr Sandeep Chaddha, Motherhood, Noida whose ideology on normal delivery and modern positive approach to the entire process made the journey effortless.

Months passed, and with god's grace, we were developing well looking forward to expected due to date 15th March'20. Luckily for us, our doctor suggested we take the Lamaze classes organised in the hospital in order to take better-informed decisions when the time comes, and we signed up for it. We met Dr Shilpi Shrivastav, our Lamaze class instructor who greeted us with a smile & briefed us about the contents of 3 sessions 3hrs each & choice between personal or group class. We opted for group class as it's more interactive with other couples sailing in the same boat. All 3 sessions were very informative with fun exercises, tutorial videos, practical exercises, engrossing discussions, readouts, etc. that prepared us extensively for the days to come and mentally sound to make decisions on the feet. 

Finally, on the morning of 9th March'20 when we went for our routine weekly check-up & 3rd-trimester ultrasound, we got to know that the amniotic fluid had become significantly low. Dr Sandeep felt that there was no point waiting for the natural labour pains to start as we had already completed our 39 weeks and there wasn't any guarantee that they would start within the next few days, she suggested we get admitted right away. 

We came back home to pick our hospital bag with all contents pre-packed as briefed in Lamaze class and by noon got admitted in the hospital. I, as the birthing partner, had to set up the room to make it as comforting for madam, another lesson learnt from Lamaze. So, I placed a Bluetooth speaker playing white noise & relaxing music, had her favourite lavender room freshener dispenser in another corner & an air purifier to sanitise the room. 

Shortly after the nursing staff came in and prepped my wife for the birthing process, the on-duty doctor came in around 3 pm and induced artificial pains, and we waited for the contractions to start. This being our 1st pregnancy, we were told to be patient as the contractions would take some time. At around 5.30 pm Dr Shilpi came in and arranged for the birthing ball to be placed in our room for making us as comfortable as possible for what was to come. She made my wife do some lunges, walked with her in the corridor and climb the stairs a few times to aid the pains to come in faster. 

Finally, around 10 pm after 2nd internal check, our doctor broke her water bag, and the contractions finally started happening in its early stage at 11 pm. My wife was given sedatives as Dr Sandeep wanted her to have a good sleep of at least a few hours despite the contractions, as she wanted her to conserve energy for the delivery the next morning.

The real job of the birthing partner comes into the picture now. Your wife is in spasms of acute pain at regular intervals. She wants to walk and get rid of the contractions as it eases the pain, sisters don't want you to walk in a sedated state as you could fall unconscious while walking, which could be fatal. So, I the birthing partner start my job a night I'll never forget. I massage her legs and shoulder and gently brush her hair with my hands; we dance gently to the music playing in the background, I walk with her, make her do the pelvic exercises on the birthing ball.

Gradually by 1 am-midnight we enter our active stage of contractions, and the frequency of painful spasms is now every 2-3 minutes, and on the other hand, her body is fighting hard to be up with the sedation to help sleep at its peak. If you as a birthing partner sleep at this time, trust me there can't be anything more criminal you can do. You need to keep talking to your partner when she is moaning in pain, empathise and reassure her that it's going be fine and you are with her in this throughout, that the best outcome as a result of bearing this pain shall be in our arms in just a few more hours. With the intensity of contractions increasing every passing minute, I observed the pattern and timed the gap between 2 contractions. It was 40-45 seconds of intense pain, followed by an interval of 1.5 minutes. I convinced her to sleep in these 1.5 minutes we had between 2 contractions until it's morning. To my surprise, it worked! After every contraction, she was so drained out & dozed off automatically. The pains woke her up after every 1.5 minutes, and this went on in loop from 1 am-midnight to 5:30 am. You will be surprised at yourself too sleeping in the same pattern as your wife, in packets of 1.5 minutes for almost 4-5 hours.

Finally, at 5:30 am the 3rd internal examination to evaluate dilation happened, and the on-duty doctor looking at the severe unbearable contractions dropped a bomb giving us a choice of taking epidural as this was the last stage at which we could get one as we were progressing too fast. We had been fighting all night with pains as we decided not to go for the epidural & bear the pain, but by 6 am after discussing at length and unbearable pains, we reviewed our decision & signed up for epidural. 

That's it, she was changed to OT clothes & I was asked to lock the room, as now we would come back only after delivery! Things suddenly accelerated, and while walking with her on a stretcher to the OT where the epidural was to be induced, it was exciting and emotional at the same time. You have to handle all this solo and Lamaze gives you the power to do so incredibly. Remember you as a birthing partner have to be strong mentally and keep your partner motivated with positivity & good thoughts throughout. I eagerly waited outside the room while she got induced with epidural and finally was allowed to be back with her in recovery room watching her relieved of the maddening contractions to a great extent and post epidural, she was a little relaxed and had some to regain some energy. 

It was 7:30 am now & the last internal inspection pushed her to the labour room and pushed me out in the lobby. I had signed up to witness the entire birthing 1st hand, and thankfully Dr Sandeep was also of the thinking that the partner must be present in the labour room. I eagerly waited for Dr Sandeep to turn up as I wasn't allowed in the labour room without her. Finally, ma'am came running in through the doors dragging me in labour room after changing to the right gear. All this while I had been waiting outside for Dr Sandeep to take me in the labour room, my wife was prepped for the delivery, and the initial efforts of pushing had already taken place. They had cut off her epidural supply as at this stage. The mother needs to feel the contractions in order to know when to push. I stood beside my wife lying on the delivery table, and with every contraction, she had to push, and the energy in the labour room spiked up with sounds of push-push echoing through the hospital corridors. Team effort at its best! Within 2 minutes of pushing, I saw the crown almost out followed by the little one finally out head to toe at 8:20 am & Dr Sandeep announcing "Madhur kibeti hui haiiiii" while holding the newborn in her palms high up where we could see our little angel all blue with the umbilical cord still attached and drenched in amniotic fluid. It's true, don't be surprised if your baby doesn't look like the perfect "Johnson & Johnson baby" just accept whatever you see as it's undeniably yours and will resemble the baby image you have in your mind within a month. 

We signed up for stem cell preservation, and hence the umbilical cord was cut & preserved. Then Dr Sandeep announced of the placenta being completely taken out successfully while you catch it hanging in her hands the curious one! After the baby was detached from the umbilical cord, she got some preliminary inspection and cleaning done & immediately was handed over to my wife to breastfeed followed by taking the little one to NICU for a couple of hours as a protocol.

Finally, after 1 hour, my wife was brought back to our hospital room from the labour room, and a couple of hours later, our daughter was with us. The moment when 1+1 became 3! We were discharged 24hrs later with lifetime memories and our bundle of joy! Even after the delivery, there are so many things from swaddling your baby to latching and lots more that we executed effortlessly courtesy resourceful Lamaze classes. Dr Shilpi's detailed Lamaze training sessions and her friendly attitude and in-depth knowledge helped us get through this entire journey so smoothly mentally and emotionally. She is so approachable and is till date open to the silliest of new parent questions from us. 

We thank the entire team of Motherhood Noida from the bottom of our hearts for making this so memorable for us with all the expertise and professionalism that surpassed our expectations!

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