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Deepika and Tushar and our Lil one

Hi Dr Shilpi.

First of all, THANKYOU so much.

As the world shuts down in the wake of the COVID-19, We welcome our first child in the mid of April.

We really appreciate the initiative of online Lamaze (childbirth) classes and parenting sessions from the comfort of our home.

It sounds like a pregnant lady's dream; it's because it is.

We learnt even the hands-on activities we might get during in-person classes, like massage techniques for labour pain, diaper changing and swaddling.

Thank you so much for your motivation, understanding and patience. You always tried that every MOM to be or parents to be should feel special and positive.

These online classes and sessions always helped us to remain calm, energetic and motivated. As a couple, we always tried to remind each other what we learnt in these classes. These sessions really helped us to calculate between the truth and the myths.

Thanks, and Love 

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