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Best paediatric doctors near me - Motherhood India Hospital

LISA RAO Motherhood Hospital

Indiranagar, Bangalore Ours has been a long association with Motherhood, almost since 2012. We have had an amazing experience with Dr. Anitha Balakrishna and she is the main reason we wished to deliver at Motherhood. We got to know about Dr. Anitha through my husband’s colleague who also delivered with her. Due to certain reasons, I had an unpleasant experience at the beginning, but Dr. Anitha gave us the confidence needed and kept us going. When we came in, we got all that we wanted and more. Sisters Siji and Liji have given us excellent support. They were like mothers to my baby. Irrespective of what time of the day I called them, they always came in with a smile on their face and never had any hassles. Now, we have Dr. Abdul Razac as her paediatrician and we continue our journey with Motherhood.

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