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Mr. Sathish G - Chennai Motherhood Hospitals

It's our immense pleasure in writing our THANK YOU!! note to you all on the birth of our triplet daughters on 3rd Feb 2018. Special thanks to Dr. D. Dakshayani and we can say in a word IMPRESSIVE. Doctor our journey with you was close to a year but it will be our lifetime memories and we can still understand the day how tough to accept triplets being a doctor considering all the risks but your set of skills and plan of execution was flawless. We are sure our names will be in your milestone hit-lists of your career. Special kudos to Dr. Mathuri and NICU team for taking care of our PRINCESS post delivery with special attention to discharge. All your parental training and advise is really supporting us today. For your information they are doing good with 2.250 kg, 2.350 kg, and 2 kg weight as on date.

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