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Ms. Saranya

The whole journey of my first pregnancy was the happiest moment of my life. Whole of my family were worried after we came to know that there are chances of pre term. It was the support and team work of all the staffs and doctors that we overcome that fear and I delivered a healthy baby. I really thank Dr Padmasri V and her team for all the care and support provided. Its very difficult to say about specific names as all the nurses and housekeeping staffs were very supportive even if they were no in-charge of me still a token of appreciation I would like to thank few people again. • Vahida - labor room • Reeta – House Keeping • Ann Siya – Labor room • Rebbekkal - Labor room • Kalavati – House keeping- Labor room • Sajini – Ward • Roopa – Ward • Jyothi- Ward • Soumya- Labor room • Gayithri – Insurance Dept Also I would like to thank all the doctors and staff for taking care of my baby and explaining me all the required tasks for the baby’s goodness. Also the help and service provided by Insurance and billing department is non ignorable.

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