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Priyanka Lunia Bordia

Dear motherhood rep, I would like to submit the following review for motherhood hospital Indore. I would like to see this review on your website. Here it goes: “Delivering a baby is one of the greatest events in a woman’s life, and when that event gets executed very smoothly with utmost care and comfort, it deserves every mention and recognition. Delivery date: 3rd August 2020, Motherhood hospital, Indore Lead Doctors: Many thanks to Dr. Asha Baxi and Dr. Sonam Dhaval Baxi for extending support and guidance in these 9 months. Being available always on phone/WhatsApp while I sat in hongkong and needed consultancy. Inspite of my gestational diabetes complicating pregnancy, my short heightedness and my major phobia for PVs, Dr Baxi ensured that I deliver normally, as desired. I delivered on the festive day of rakshabandhan and I am grateful to Dr.Baxi to have sacrificed family time and festivities just so I could get my bundle of joy. All in all, I was in the safest hands possible with Dr Asha Baxi and Dr Sonam Baxi I would also like to mention Dr. Ashok Kasat who played a major role in ensuring I have a painless delivery as he administered and monitored epidural. With the efforts of the entire team of Doctors and support staff at motherhood hospital, I had a very calm and composed delivery process. Lactation and physical health: The biggest thing post delivery is breastfeeding. When I had my 1st baby 2 years back I had major breastfeeding challenges like my baby took 10 days to latch, extreme pain associated with breast engorgement, tedious work of formula feeding and sadness that your body is incapable of feeding the baby well. Motherhood hospital advocates exclusive breastfeeding and Dr Ananya Nema provides in-depth consultancy as to how to get the baby latch very easily, how to avoid engorgement and how to ensure exclusive breastfeeding is established. She is with you at every step before delivery and until you are breastfeeding exclusively. She instils the confidence that you can completely nourish your baby without any formula feed. The hospital encourages skin to skin contact immediately after birth. The nurses are extremely well trained too and facilitate breastfeeding making this task much easier for new moms. My breastfeeding journey has been almost magical with the second baby and I would give all the credit to the expert lactation consultant Dr Ananya Nema and the hospital nurses. Dr Nema is also a physio therapist and provides ante Natal and post natal exercises to ease pregnancy and post delivery period. While you are in labour, exercises and support to lessen the pain is also provided by Dr Ananya. The hospital arranged regular free webinar for new and expecting moms on topics like ante natal exercises, breast feeding, post natal care etc. which was very informative and helpful. Support staff and duty doctors: Very well trained, prompt with services and information, caring, courteous and polite. Rooms, cleanliness and ambience: The rooms were spic-n-span with beautiful interiors. Housekeeping staff does a great job with keeping it clean. Hospital atmosphere is really calm and quiet making it very peaceful for the new moms. Food: I could never imagine myself eating hospital food, but at motherhood I have literally relished it. Overall: No better doctor in indore for your obs-gyne requirement and no better facility than motherhood hospital if you are looking for extremely smooth, calm and composed delivery. “ Thanks, Priyanka Lunia Bordia

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