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Indiranagar, Bangalore We already had an earlier experience with a hospital for pregnancy and it was not a very pleasant one. We were not given the right support or care which made it difficult for us to journey on. However, we did not give up! After some research, we decided to walk-in to Motherhood hospital at Indiranagar since it seemed to be the best hospital in the proximity to our house. I must say, this decision changed a lot in our lives. We walked in, and did not have a clue about any doctors here. After listening to our past, one of the nurses suggest Dr. Jayashree Murthy to us. I do not remember her name to thank her enough. Dr. Jayashree seemed very warm and welcoming. She had a very positive attitude and her confidence in turn made us strong. We were overwhelmed with joy when Richa conceived 2 months after consulting Dr. Jayashree. Dr. Jayashree was heaven sent for us. She listened to all our problems, always provided very valuable guidance, even at times when we called at odd times, way past midnight. Her special gift of empathy and spreading positive energy has done wonders for us. Thank you Doctor, we will remain forever indebted to you. Our little angel was born on 14th July, and our joy has known no bounds since then! I cannot miss out on mentioning about the lovely staff here. From the doctor to the security guard, all of them have always been helpful and warm. They have made us feel at home. Although I have so many people to thank, many of whom I don’t even know names of, but who were always ready with a helping hand, attentive minds and a smile which made our fear/doubts fade away. I would specially like to mention Sister Kirupa and Sister Neol who helped us throughout our stay in Motherhood, always patiently answering all our queries, helping in all conditions and provided very valuable practical guidance on things we were not prepared for (feeding the baby for instance). We attended the Baby Shower just two days before the delivery and it helped us in understanding the IP staff better as well thanks to the introduction given by Mr. Henry. We came in for delivery at around 3.00 in the morning and the staff still cared really well. Turning a harrowing journey of parenthood into a remarkably pleasant experience, clearly depicts the amount of effort that has been put in to make patients feel at home. Motherhood has clearly set the standards in terms of care and services which every aspiring parent must experience. Overall, this journey has made “Motherhood” experience beyond any of our expectations!

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