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Vijaya Priya about Dr. Madhavi Reddy at Motherhood HRBR.

Doctor Name - Dr. Madhavi Reddy.

Unit - HRBR Layout.

I don't know where or how to begin expressing my gratitude to you for being the reason behind the successful and smooth delivery of my beautiful baby girl. When I learnt that I was pregnant, I was apprehensive with each passing pregnancy milestone as I was unsure about what to expect or how to rightly care for myself. I remember listing down a great number of questions during each consultation and you would patiently respond to each in a brief but accurate manner. Sometimes, I would wonder why I don't get more elaborate suggestions or directions from you, but in retrospect, I now do realize that your style involved a very professional step by step approach and most importantly, you allowed nature to take over the process in the most natural way possible. The end result of this was a successful normal delivery. Every time I felt confused during my pregnancy, I would remember to scrupulously follow your instructions. Dr. Madhavi, I can easily say with confidence that following your instructions to-dot made the entire process stress-free. Yes, like most new mothers I do feel like my delivery exposed me to a part of myself that I never knew existed. I was able to discover my deep inner mental and physical strengths while handling labour pain. These newly found insights as a new mother would have been impossible to gather if not for an exceptional, skillful and remarkable doctor like you who kept her calm and showed her expertise throughout her professional journey with me.

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