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Women's Hormones: The Main Reason For Changes In Your Health?

Reasons for hormonal imbalance in women
Women’s Hormones: The Main Reason For Changes In Your Health?

Author - Motherhood Medical Team

Many changes associated with the woman’s body are related with the hormones as they play an integral part in the health of an individual. Along with ageing, there are different changes and symptoms women begin to experience, among which most of them are thought because of hormonal changes. While it is true that hormones are a changing factor of woman’s health, but not every experience is related to them. The different feelings a woman may be subjected to are largely due their life style choices, and stress. We will see the role of major hormones and their overall effects.

Estrogen Function

Two prominent hormones, estrogen and progesterone, have considerable effect on the woman’s health, like on menstruation, pregnancy or menopause. Estrogen is mainly responsible for the physical changes associated with puberty, and cholesterol control. The levels of estrogen changes during the month which is highest in the middle of menstrual cycle and lowest during the periods. Women having low levels of estrogen may suffer from less frequent menstruation, mood swings, hot flashes, difficultly in sleeping etc. In contrast, women with too much estrogen may experience weight gain, heavy or light bleeding, fatigue etc.

Progesterone Function

Progesterone on the other hands prepares the endometrium of woman for pregnancy. Women having low levels of progesterone will experience abnormal menstrual cycles or difficulty in conceiving. Testosterone also plays an important role in women where its high levels can lead to irregular menstrual cycle, more body hairs, acnes, struggle with infertility etc. Thyroid hormone can also relate with many changes where women over the age of 60 are likely to have hypothyroidism (production of less thyroid stimulating hormone) which can concur with fatigue, constipation, dry skin, weight gain, pain in the joints etc.

Therefore, hormonal changes are the reason for most of the symptoms that occur in women.

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