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10 Tips to manage Hot Flashes at work

10 Tips to manage Hot Flashes at work

Author - Motherhood Medical Team

You may be into the middle of some business, where suddenly a sensation of heat drives away your concentration, and your heartbeat is faster, your skin becomes flushed along with upper body sweating. This corresponds to the symptoms of hot flashes which is common in women going through menopause.

Quick fact: Hot flashes usually affect up to 3 quarters of women during menopause and perimenopause.

Productive tips for hot flashes

Here are some simple ways by which you can cool yourself down while being at work:

  1. Drink cold water: You can keep off the heat of hot flashes by drinking cold water. So, you can bring an ice-cold water bottle and place it on the desk where you can regularly sip it. You can use a thermos to keep the water cold for most of the day.
  2. Keeping a small fan: You may consider bringing a small fan at your desk. It will help you to cool down along with circulating the air in the room.
  3. Wearing layers: You can dress in layers so that you can strip down when hot flashes occur.
  4. Avoiding some clothes: It is better to avoid materials like wool and silk as they trap heat and can worsen the situation during hot flashes.
  5. Avoid caffeine: Caffeine can trigger hot flashes, so you should cut back on caffeine to avoid triggers to the symptoms.
  6. Practice deep breathing: Practicing deep breaths can ease hot flashes along with reducing stress.
  7. Minimize stress: Stress can act as a trigger to elevate body temperature where you should lower the stress while you are at work.
  8. Cut back on spices: Spices are common triggers for hot flashes where they should be avoided.
  9. Consuming soy: Soy foods have been related with decreasing hot flashes where you should opt for soy foods each day.
  10. Eat cold foods: Hot soups or drinks can raise your body temperature where salads, cold pasta or any other cold food should be opted instead.

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