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Balancing Hormones With Exercise

Balancing Hormones With Exercise

Author: Dr. Archana Dubey MBBS, MS (OBG)
Consultant: Gynecologist, Infertility and Laparoscopy at Motherhood Hospital Indore

The goal of your endocrine system is to maintain balance, which means female hormonal health is more than reproductive health, it is whole body health.

Hormones control heart rate, sleep cycles, sexual function, and reproduction. The metabolism, appetite, mood, stress, and body temperatures are all affected by hormones which largely affect a woman's function of life.

Hormones, the chemical messengers, are responsible for our weight, mood, appearance, energy, anxiety levels and even fertility. Even a slight imbalance in our hormones can wreck our well-being and hence, it is important that they remain balanced. Physical activity strongly influences hormonal health. Apart from improving blood flow to your muscles, exercise increases hormone receptors.

Will exercise help in maintaining hormonal balance? 

Absolutely, as the amount of movement and physical activity we do daily makes a huge impact on the hormonal responses of the body. Our heart rate and the activation of our nervous system also cause our brain to release various hormones, which ultimately control how our peripheral organs respond. It is pretty amazing how every part of our body works together to ultimately carry out a mission. Exercise has a powerful effect on balancing, suppressing, and increasing certain hormones. Excess oestrogen, insulin, and cortisol are the hormones responsible for weight gain, while HGH, testosterone, and progesterone are the ones responsible for keeping us lean. Leptin is another hormone, which, when too low, signals your body to store fat. 

Which hormones are impacted by exercise?

Epinephrine/Norepinephrine: Responds to stress, either physical or psychological. Insulin: Made by the pancreas on the arrival of glucose into the bloodstream, it rises and falls according to what you eat. 

Cortisol: Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress, low blood sugar and exercise. 

Oestrogen: A wonderful hormone in the right amount, it makes conception and pregnancy possible. It's also a natural mood lifter.

Human Growth Hormone: Quite simply one of the most powerful hormones. It's a fat burner, which forces your body to draw energy from your fat reserves first.

Testosterone: It's vitally important for women as it builds muscle, burns fat, increases energy and sex drive, and strengthens bones.

Progesterone: A hormone that regulates menstrual function and pregnancy.

Serotonin: Physical activity releases serotonin, which promotes a good night’s rest. Increasing your serotonin levels can boost mood, appetite, digestion, memory, and sexual drive. 

Splitting your workouts between cardio, resistance, high intensity exercise and yoga will ensure you’re balancing all of the major male and female hormones, cortisol and insulin. Cardio, for example, is helpful in balancing oestrogen, the primary female sex hormone. When levels of oestrogen are too high or low, it can lead to bloating or water retention, menstrual cycle issues and mood swings. A lack of oestrogen can also put women at more risk of developing both breast and ovarian cancer.

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