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Blog on Mental Health During Covid Crisis

Blog on Mental Health During Covid Crisis

Do's and don' t during the current covid crisis

How to maintain good mental heath during the current crisis.

1. stay positive

2. remember 97% recover ( there are many who have put up their stories on the net)

3. listen and follow the instructions given from authentic sources. ( doctors, govt, health care workers)

4. if you have self quarentined follow a routine at home, do not spend time lying down on the bed  watching tv. Try to be as active as possible at home.

5. stay in contact with the world digitally

6. look at what you can achieve by being at home. Enjoy it

7. Remember you are not the only one going through the crisis, the whole world is.

you are not alone

8. if you are feeling overwhelmed seek help from mental health care professionals. many are available online.

9. keep in touch with extended family members digitally

10. Humour is a good way to handle crisis.

watch movies which can make you laugh and read books if you are an avid reader.

11. Do not watch information which causes you anxiety. Avoid 24x7 watching and discussing about covid ( twice a day information from reliable sources should be enough)

12. Check the well being of near and dear ones digitally

13. Do not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco as a coping stratergy , it only worsens the situations

14. Do not sigmatise people whom have contacted the virus be supportive .

15. Bravado does not help , follow instructions given from authentic sources.

16. Do not focus on the number of cases focus on what you should do to keep safe.

Dr Vijayakumar D R


Consultant Psychiatrist 

Motherhood Hospital Hebbal 

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