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When to Call your Child's Paediatrician?

When to Call your Child’s Paediatrician?

Whether it's fever, tummy ache, or a cough, as a parent, it is only natural to worry about your little one. This article is written in an attempt to lay down the key symptoms that may require you to call the paediatrician. 


Panicking upon discovering a spike in your child's body temperature is normal, but it should also be noted that fever isn't a sign of danger. The body temperature of the children tends to rise when they get an infection to fight the virus, causing the infection. While this is not the case for every burst of fever, it is most common with young children. However:

  • You should call the doctor if your little one of 2-3 months old has around 100 degrees. 
  • You should call the doctor if your little one is above 2-3 months, with around 100 degrees fever and other symptoms like vomiting. 
  • You should call the doctor immediately if your child has over 104 degrees repeatedly. 

Vomiting or Diarrhoea

Try not to worry if your child vomits or show signs of diarrhoea just once. But if it persists, it means your child is getting dehydrated, which is bad. You can give them lots of fluids to keep them hydrated but if your child's symptoms only worsen or go on for a few hours, call the doctor. The paediatrician will examine your child and may suggest an X-ray or blood and urine test or even a stool sample. 

Respiratory-related Problems

Catching a cold or cough is a common occurrence in older children. But if your child is three months or younger, a sign of respiratory problems should be alerting. Call the doctor right away to avoid the illness from turning into something more deadly like pneumonia or bronchitis.

Other symptoms, including difficulty in taking a leak or rash, could be harmless. But you may want to call the doctor if the rash becomes skin-deep or signs of unitary tract infection. 

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