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On February 19, 2018

9 Strategies to Help You Cope With Stress Due to Infertility

Dealing with the struggle of infertility is often one of the most physically and emotionally exhausting ordeals of a person’s life. The feeling of losing control over your body and your future can be extremely stressful. This is also very harmful because stress is one of the biggest risk factors to avoid when you’re trying […]

On February 9, 2018

High-Risk Pregnancy

Motherhood can be considered to be one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life. It is important to ensure mother’s health is taken care of that will eventually result in growth and development of the fetus. Regular antenatal care will assure a healthy and safe delivery for the mother. If adequate steps are […]

On January 4, 2018

Hernia in Pregnancy By Dr. Sangeeta Gomes

Hernia is a hole or gap in the abdominal muscle wall that causes either intestine or fatty tissue to protrude through. Areas of Hernia: Abdomen, Groin, Incisional sites. Hernia types: Umbilical or belly button: Umbilical Hernia is the most common of Hernias in pregnancy. It is the site where umbilical cord is attached when child […]

On December 5, 2017


Why am I like this? Why have I become lot more forgetful? Can I go through this pregnancy for next 9 months? Will I be a good mother? I don’t think my husband understands me anymore These are the few questions which run through a to- be-mom’s thoughts. Pregnancy is a roller-coaster ride with huge […]

On November 29, 2017

World Prematurity Day: Preterm delivery due to leaking of amniotic fluid

Nancy had just entered her 7th month of pregnancy, and was enjoying every aspect of it. From choosing baby names to decorating the nursery, she and her partner had planned it all. They were now just patiently waiting for their little bundle of joy to enter their world and turn it into a magical fairytale. […]

On November 28, 2017

World Prematurity Day – A medical marvel in 26 weeks

Giving birth to a beautiful and healthy child is a wonder in itself. Caring and nurturing for a premature baby is a herculean challenge, one that needs patience and belief.  Most preemie babies are born before 37 weeks of gestation. However, in Shalini’s case, her gestation period was just 26 weeks weighing a meagre 820gm. […]

On November 25, 2017

World Prematurity Day – A miracle in 29 weeks

Pregnancy is the most magical time for all mothers to be. This nine-month period is that time where all mothers are anxious and excitedly awaiting the birth of their precious child. This period, however, was extremely short-lived for Priya. When she was in her 29th week of pregnancy; Priya saw some spotting and immediately knew […]

On November 20, 2017

World prematurity day – Giving birth to preemie in 30 weeks of gestation

Giving birth to a baby is a miracle on its own. However, giving birth to a premature baby and nurturing it to good health, with utmost care, patience and love, is a whole different league. One such story is that of Neha who gave birth to her little one at 30 weeks of gestation. Needless […]

On November 16, 2017

World Prematurity Day – Giving birth to premature twins

World Prematurity Day – Giving birth to premature twins Sapna was in a bitter-sweet sense of state when she was rushed to the hospital to give birth to her first set of twins. Sweet, because she was anticipating this day from the moment she saw the faint red line on the home pregnancy kit. She […]