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On November 28, 2018

Gestational Diabetes

It is a state of increased sugar level which generally normalizes after childbirth. This occurs due to increased sugar level during pregnancy which is due to decreased insulin production or insulin resistance. Incidence –10% of the population is affected by GDM and it is increasing due to advanced maternal age and sedentary lifestyle. Why does […]

On November 26, 2018

Main causes of premature birth

A normal and healthy pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks. However, due to various factors, the labour may occur well before or after the estimated date. If the labour occurs before 37 weeks of pregnancy, the birth is considered to be premature, or preterm.   Classification: Based on how early the baby is born, the […]

On November 26, 2018

Caring For Your Premature Baby at Home

The premature baby is finally home; now it’s up to you to make sure your baby is warm, fed, bathed, and joyful! Caring for your preterm infant may not be so different from how you had thought. In many ways, it is similar to a baby born on the estimated delivery date. Here are some […]

On October 24, 2018

Breast Cancer: What Every Women Should Know About It

Lumps in the breast are common problems in females. Only 20% of these breast lumps are cancerous. Breast cancer has replaced cervical cancer and now ranks first in cancers seen among females. The incidence of breast cancer is on the rise among Indian females, especially among younger generations. In spite of various treatment options available […]

On September 13, 2018

Types of Hysterectomy Procedure by Dr. Suhasini Inamdar

Hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus (baby bag) surgically. There are various methods and approaches: 1)Laparoscopic hysterectomy: This is minimally invasive surgery, it is done through keyhole openings, approximately 4-5 in number, on the skin surface of the abdomen. These are 2-3 cms in size. The uterus is detached of all the attachments and […]

On August 31, 2018

All you need to know about Labor Epidurals- By  Dr. Shashidhar K.B

One of the biggest confusion during pregnancy is having a normal delivery or a caesarean section. Even though every woman wants to undergo the pleasant experience of natural birth, most of them can’t stick to it because of the intense, excruciating pain. More than half of the pregnant women can deliver vaginally, but sadly due […]

On August 29, 2018

Menstruation Matters

Menstruation is a unique phenomenon in a woman’s life. It is the mark where a girl enters the womanhood and is blessed with the gift of giving life. However, this gift is always encircled by taboos that isolate women from the social and cultural life. Till date, menstruation is described with code words such as […]

On August 20, 2018


India has been making great headway in the eradication of diseases like Polio & Small Pox but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Certain conditions like Anaemia do not get the attention they deserve. Characterized by subtle symptoms, diseases of this nature can go untreated for a long period leading to serious complications […]

On August 3, 2018

Tips for Breastfeeding Newborn: Motherhood Hospital by Dr. Sonali Santhanam

Breastfeeding is instinctive for both mother and baby. A newborn when left undisturbed on a mother’s belly is able to crawl up to the breast, find the nipple and self-attach. However, despite being instinctive and natural, breastfeeding is not always easy. New mothers have ample support at the hospital but they can feel overwhelmed with […]