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Caring For Your Premature Baby at Home

Caring For Your Premature Baby at Home

The premature baby is finally home; now it's up to you to make sure your baby is warm, fed, bathed, and joyful!

Caring for your preterm infant may not be so different from how you had thought. In many ways, it is similar to a baby born on the estimated delivery date. Here are some tips that will help you provide better care for your preterm baby:

Adapting to life at home with your premature child

Once you are home, you can start caring for your child by making the required significant adjustments to ensure your child is healthy and comfortable. We recommend you browse through some general parenting sites and books that may give you some helpful advice from time to time with useful tips on sleeping routine, food, and other aspects of life with a premature baby.

The Correct Temperature

Safe and comfortable temperatures are essential for your premature baby's health. Using layers like waistcoats, sleepsuits, and blankets will help keep your baby warm, safe and in a comfortable position.

Helping Your Baby Sleep

Providing the right atmosphere with dim lighting and quiet surroundings at night will help your baby develop a healthy sleeping pattern.

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

SIDS is a syndrome which results in the death of healthy babies in their sleep, usually during the first six months of life and premature babies are at higher risk when compared to other children.

Tips for reducing risks of SIDS

  • Use baby sleeping bags or lightweight blankets.
  • Avoid smoking inside the house.
  • Never fall asleep with your baby in your bed or sofa, especially when you are using drugs, alcohol, or medication.
  • Keep your baby away from heaters or radiators and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Bathing Your Premature Baby

How many times you can bathe your baby will depend on when your baby was born and the baby's skin sensitivity. Doctors recommend plain water and soft cotton cloth for bathing as well as changing diapers.

Caring for dry skin

If your premature child has dry skin, avoid using any moisturizing creams without consulting your doctor. After a few months, you can slowly start including baby products and handkerchiefs in your daily skincare routine.

Top and Tail: Bathing your baby every day is not required. Just wiping his/her face, bottom, and neck clean using a fresh soft cotton wool ball will suffice and whenever you bathe your baby use only plain water.

Snuggle him dry: The chances of your baby freezing is high when the skin gets wet because it loses some heat. Always bathe your baby in a fresh, warm place and dry him/her with a towel soon after.

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