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Dengue and Malaria Beware of the Fever During Pregnancy

Dengue and Malaria Beware of the Fever During Pregnancy

Monsoon is the season where everyone starts enjoying their life. This season gets the child out in you. Many wants to play in the rain water, get drenched in the rain and the list goes on. Yes, enjoying is one part of monsoon. But getting ready to fall sick is another aspect which everyone needs to be careful during this season.

Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Swine flu are common in the monsoon season. In the last 2 -3 years, there is a sudden spurt in the dengue cases everywhere. Most of the time hospitals will be completely filled with dengue patients and they turn away the patients because of the unavailability of the beds. But fever like dengue, malaria and swine flu could be dangerous during pregnancy if the care is not taken properly.

Dengue infection in pregnancy carries the risk of haemorrhage for both the mother and the new-born. Also there is a serious risk of premature birth and fetal death. In the case of infection developing close to the delivery time, there is a risk of vertical transmission.

Similarly malaria and swine flu during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, congenital infections etc. Malaria can also cause anaemia in pregnant women and may result in convulsion, kidney failure. So it is important to monitor for dengue, malariaand swine flu during pregnancy.

Measures to be taken to avoid dengue, malaria and swine flu

  • Don't travel to areas where dengue, malaria are prevalent
  • Keep your surroundings clean. Close the window in the morning and evening to avoid mosquitos entering the house
  • Wear protective cloths like long pants, long sleeve dresses
  • Use bed nets, preferably treated with an insecticide to prevent mosquito bite.

Simple treatments which a pregnant women can follow during dengue, malaria and

  • Drink plenty of fluids like water, fresh juice, coconut water. This will help to prevent dehydration.
  • Avoid taking medicines like aspirin for fever. This may lead to bleeding and other complication
  • Antipyretics helps to manage fever and body pain.
  • Meet the physician as early as possible.

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