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Dr. Asha Hiremath Critical Case 2

Dr. Asha:Expert Insights on Critical Cases - Motherhood Hospital India
Dr. Asha Hiremath Critical Case 2

38- year elderly lady Mrs. Pallavi with BOH- Bad Obstetric history of recurrent pregnancy loss. She previously had 3 spontaneous abortions all within 1-2 months of early pregnancy.

Her first child was her fourth pregnancy which was a complicated case of APLA positive pregnancy, (Antiphospholipid Syndrome). This is an auto immune disorder, considered as high-risk obstetrics patients. She was evaluated sonographic, monitoring & medication was initiated & completed her term pregnancy, she was asked to be delivered by LSCS with a 3.4 kg healthy baby girl.

2 years later she conceived again and in spite of all critical & high risk past history, with supersize anticoagulation therapy, proper counselling & intense monitoring she successfully delivered her second child 3kg health girl child.


Dr. Asha Hiremath

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

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