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Dr. Daksha Bakre


Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Dr. Nupur Sood


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Clinical Physcology

Soumya Ettikannan


Consultant Clinical Physcology

If you are looking for the best gynaecologist in Sarjapur Road, Motherhood Hospitals in Sarjapur is the best maternity center in Bangalore you can visit. At Motherhood India, our driving motto behind every action we take is the belief that every woman should receive the best possible medical care through the entire duration of her pregnancy journey. We also provide free online tools like our Pregnancy Week Calculator and Ovulation Calendar Calculator to help every woman increase her chances of conception. To cement our commitment to this cause, we have taken on board the most reputed doctors, any of which could easily qualify to be the best gynaecologist in Sarjapur Road. Every doctor on our Obstetrics and Gynecology department are distinguished by their superior educational qualifications and years of invaluable experience in the field. Throughout their illustrious careers, our team of experts have handled countless cases, each of which added to their reservoir of knowledge. When you choose to embark on your pregnancy journey with Motherhood, you can benefit hugely from their collective wisdom in the field.  

In addition to our renowned Gynecology department, Motherhood Hospitals at Sarjapur also includes a wide variety of other departments, each designed to support a woman at every stage of her pregnancy, no matter what her concern is. Our Infertility Specialist will provide advanced treatment solutions for couples have issues with conception. With the latest advancements in infertility treatment and state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, Motherhood Sarjapur can help every woman bring her dream of becoming a mother to life. Our Endocrinology specialist is fully equipped to test, analyse and diagnose any hormonal fluctuations that can result in complications with a woman’s health. At Motherhood Sarjapur, we combine the best medical care with a thoughtful, caring approach, so every woman can feel at ease and take comfort in the fact that a team of experts is dedicating themselves fully to providing her and her child with the best care possible.