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Early Warning Signs Of Thyroid Disorder

Early Warning Signs Of Thyroid Disorder

Author - Dr. Astha Jain Mathur MBBS, DGO

Consultant - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Motherhood Hospital, Indore

Did you know that any imbalance in the thyroid hormone can have an impact on the energy, weight, metabolism, heart rate, cholesterol levels, bones, moods and women’s menstrual cycles? Thyroid hormone is an important constituent in the working of the body, and there are many signs that can point towards its imbalance which need proper treatment.

Quick fact

The imbalance in the hormone refers to the levels becoming too high or too low that concurs to many problems. When the thyroid hormone is produced in lesser amounts, it is called hypothyroidism which can result in weight gain and lack of energy. In contrast, when hormones are produced in large amounts it is called hyperthyroidism, which can relate to the loss of weight.

Hence, it becomes important to keep an eye over the changes that may take place after this hormonal imbalance. After the signs or symptoms appear, it is better to opt for thyroid testing to diagnose the problem, and start its treatment at the right time by consulting the best endocrinologists nearby. If you are heading towards thyroid checkup and counseling, Motherhood Hospitals  leads the forefront with the best and famous endocrinology doctors dispensing advanced and effective services to the patients.

Early signs of thyroid disorder

While many of the biological functions of the body are dependent on the thyroid hormone, there are many early signs and symptoms that may appear due to its imbalance and indicate there is an issue with your thyroid,  such as:

  • Fatigue or excessive tiredness: Fatigue caused by thyroid disorders can’t be cured by taking ample amounts of sleep or rest. If there is any problem with the thyroid gland, a person may feel tired and fatigued for most of the time. Though in older women, they mistake fatigue with the symptoms of menopause. But after some time the fatigue persists for a longer time which can be a sign of undiagnosed thyroid disorder.
  • High heart rate: Hyperthyroidism can concur to an excessive heart rate. When the thyroid gland is produced in large quantities, blood pressure can increase which can lead to an increasing heart rate. If your heart rate is frequently over 80 beats per minute, you should consult a physician.
  • Anxiety: Many people may suffer from feelings of anxiety when they have hyperthyroidism. There can be some emotional outbursts where they may feel trouble controlling it, along with angry feelings.
  • Weight gain: Since thyroid hormone regulates your metabolism, it can greatly impact your body weight. This is usually due to the water and salt retaining in the body. Hypothyroidism can result in weight gain where in severe cases, it can lead to significant weight gain with 5-10 pounds extra. 
  • Weight loss: Due to thyroid problems, there can be weight loss as well which is the early signs of it. The amount of weight lost during this condition will be dependent upon the severity of the problem.
  • Body shakes: Since there can be high blood pressure during this condition, it can lead to trembling as a result of nervousness. If you have repetitive signs of shaky hands or body twitches, there is a need to go for thyroid testing.
  • Sensitivity to head and cold: When you have an overactive thyroid, you may feel sensitivity to heat as a common symptom. Moreover, people suffering from hypothyroidism can experience cold hands and feet as well. As the metabolism slows down, it decreases your energy levels where you become quite sensitive to temperatures.

There are various ways you may be affected with thyroid disorders depending upon the type of disorder you may be dealing with. You need to follow a diagnostic procedure and must make it a point to visit the best endocrinologist nearest to you.

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