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Importance Of Regular Check-Ups And Screenings

Importance Of Regular Check-Ups And Screenings

Author: Dt. Arti Singh MSc - Nutritional Science
Consultant:  Nutritionist & Dietician at Motherhood Hospital Kharghar, Mumbai 

Diagnosing diseases early through regular screening tests is the best defence for treating the disease. It can be hard to keep up with the demands of everyday life, especially if you feel pulled in numerous directions. But the one place you shouldn't cut corners involves your preventive care. Regular health checks keep potential health issues at bay and nip any developing problems in the bud. In some cases, they can even save lives since issues such as breast cancer can be treated early, and preventive measures can be taken. 

It is essential to see your doctor for regular health checks. The checks can pick up early signs of disease or illness so that you will get treatment earlier. A general check-up is recommended once a year. If you are at higher risk of a disease or condition, you may need to get checked more often.

Health screening monitors your well-being

Unlike scheduling an appointment because of a cold or flu, you must have health screenings to monitor your overall health and wellness. 

These screenings vary based on your age and individual needs, but they always focus on the following:

  • Screening for medical issues 
  • Establishing a baseline for your general health 
  • Assessing your risk of future medical issues 
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle 
  • Updating vaccinations
  • Building a trusted relationship with your provider

Health screening checks for many things 

These screenings focus on your unique healthcare needs, especially your gynaecological health. The health checks are tailored to your age and lifestyle but always capture vital signs, such as weight, height, pulse, and blood pressure. These measurements help give general insights into your overall health. 

Based on your age and sexual activity, the following also need to be performed: 

  •  A physical exam 
  • Internal and external genital exam
  • HIV and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing
  • Preventive screenings for cervical cancer or breast cancer

These health screenings also allow you to share any concerns about your health. These conversations can also help you build a relationship with your doctor.

Health screenings evolve along with you

Not only can health exams detect serious problems - such as cervical cancer - before you may notice any symptoms, but they can help you feel your best at every stage of life. That's because your health screenings evolve with your unique needs. For example, you may have questions about your period or body changes when you start puberty. This can also be a good time to get the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, which can protect you from STDs. Once you become sexually active, your health screenings will become a safe place to discuss healthy sexual relationships, birth control methods, and STD prevention and testing. And, as you prepare for pregnancy, these appointments can focus on having a healthy pregnancy. And, if you no longer want to have children, you can discuss more permanent birth control options. Finally, your health screenings will evolve as you move out of your reproductive years, from perimenopause to menopause and beyond. 

Preventive health checks

Screening for ultrasound, Pap smear, and a mammogram is an important part of preventive healthcare for women. It can detect potential health issues early, prevent the development of certain health conditions, assess an individual's risk, and provide education and empowerment for individuals to take control of their health. 

Make health screening a priority
It's easy to make excuses to skip your check-up. However, it would help if you considered this visit a nonnegotiable meeting you cannot miss. Your health should be your number one priority. Start treating it that way and schedule your visits.

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