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New-Born Baby Care Essentials - 10 Essential Things To Know!

New-Born Baby Care Essentials – 10 Essential Things To Know!

Motherhood is a continuous learning experience. Are you ready to journey through some essentials to learn more about your little one? Here are 10 things to know about your new-born baby

1. Baby feed: Your baby may often feel hungry. Make sure to feed your baby every 2-3 hours. Please don't be tempted to feed your baby with solids to keep the stomach full. Strictly, no solids,  please. 

2. Holding with care: Holding a newborn baby can be a frightful experience. However, holding your baby for 2 hours in a day can be soothing. Holding your baby can promote breastfeeding,  improves confidence in the baby, and also strengthens the bond between the baby and the parent. Hold your bundle of happiness close to your heart. You will see the difference! 

3. Baby products: Use products free from fragrances and chemicals. As your baby might be sensitive or allergic to certain fragrances or chemicals, it is always the best way forward to use gentle and safe products, namely soaps, powders, lotions, etc. 

4. Massages: Give gentle massages as it will help your baby relax. Massages help to promote development in muscles and keep tummy problems at bay. Massaging will also help your confusion as you would not know the real cause of your baby's crying whether it is hunger, pain, discomfort, etc. Gradually,  you will become better at this. Understand and respond! 

8. Diaper changes: Do you know that your baby might require frequent diaper changes? Prepare mentally for this routine. On average, you might require to change the diaper approximately 6-10 times a day. This will help to avoid any discomfort your baby might undergo due to frequent discharge of urine or stool. Check your baby's diapers after every feeding session. 

9. Tummy time: Ensure that your baby spends more time on his/her tummy during his/her waking time as this will promote strength in the back muscles. However, please take care that your baby doesn't sleep on the tummy. 

10. Umbilical cord: Don't be in a hurry to clip off the remnant of the umbilical cord. If you apply even little force or do anything to remove the umbilical cord unnaturally, this can lead to infections. Just keep it dry. It will fall off on its own. 

For more information on new-born care essentials, talk  to our experts.

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